Windows 10: Anniversary Update will not be available to everyone on August 2

Microsoft will deploy on August 2 a major update for Windows 10 , the famous Anniversary Update. However, not everyone will be able to take advantage of it on this date. The Redmond firm intends to opt for a gradual deployment so as not to saturate its servers.

These few lines may not surprise you and it is quite logical because the Redmond firm opted for the same strategy last year when Windows 10 was released.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Will Not Be Available To Everyone On August 2

The Anniversary Update will not be available to everyone on August 2!

To migrate to the system, we had to register on a waiting list and wait until our request was taken into account.

Windows 10: the Anniversary Update will be deployed as a priority on PCs

Microsoft would therefore consider doing the same for this famous update and it will therefore be deployed in stages.

Windows Insider program manager Donar Sarkar says the company will focus on PCs first, before focusing on smartphones. The brand's consoles will be served last. He also said that the operation could take a lot of time and this is not surprising because Windows 10 is now installed on more than 350 million devices around the world.

So, if your computer does not offer you any update on August 2, you should not be surprised.

The Anniversary Update is not a patch like any other. In reality, it is more of a service pack than a banal update and will thus bring many improvements to the system.

Full of new functions

Microsoft Edge, for example, will finally support extensions and it will also be able to take advantage of Windows Hello. It will therefore be possible to use our fingerprints or our iris to identify us on our websites. The update will also be delivered with a new utility soberly called Windows Ink. Thanks to it, we will be able to take full advantage of the stylus functions of our hybrid machine.

It will allow us to enter handwritten text but also to highlight text in a few moments. Better still, the tool can also process handwritten notes and read them. For example, you just need to write a date on a note to add an event to the calendar. And that, of course, is not to mention all the related functions like the virtual ruler or the functions relating to cartography.

Cortana will be smarter too, and he'll even be able to offer us info … before we need it.

In short, you will no doubt understand, the Anniversary Update of Windows 10 promises to be particularly complete and this is obviously good news for those who have switched to Windows 10.

Moreover, if you have not yet done so, know that you have 10 days left to enjoy the update for free.

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