Windows 10: build 10159 is out!

No one can stop Microsoft anymore. The firm has indeed just deployed a new beta version of Windows 10 , build 10159 , and it should appeal to a lot of people since it brings no less than 300 fixes. Oh and if not, it also comes with the new wallpaper designed by Bradley G. Munkowitz. Nice, isn't it?

It must be admitted, no one had seen this coming and it is quite logical because the previous version was deployed … um … yesterday morning. They're fast at Microsoft, aren't they?

Windows 10 Build 10159 Is Out

Microsoft has just rolled out a new build for Windows 10.

Yes, well, this is not quite correct. In fact, the previous version had been wrapped up for about a week and they just delayed rolling it out.

Over 300 bugs have been fixed in Windows 10 build 10159

In the meantime, they have made a lot of progress on fixing bugs and it is precisely for this reason that build 10159 has arrived so quickly.

Anyway, this time you shouldn't expect any new features because this version focuses only on fixes. It does not do things by halves since it fixes no less than 300 bugs.

As a result of the races, your machine should run better after installing it.

Otherwise, and as mentioned at the beginning of this article, Microsoft took the opportunity to integrate the new Windows 10 default wallpaper. Be careful, however, because it will not be displayed if you have defined another image and you will then have to go back to the settings of your device to get your hands on it.

To install build 10159 on your bike, it's not complicated. You just have to go to the settings and the options dedicated to updates. If you switched to the fast broadcast channel, the system should offer to install it.

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