Windows 10 can record anything you type

Windows 10 has been available for a few days in beta – or Technical Preview if you prefer – and some of you have probably decided to download and install it on your computer. For fun, and also to see what the hell is going on. But have you taken the time to read the terms of use for the product? No ? Not at all ? It is a great pity. Maybe once you should have done it.

Hacker News has taken a very serious look at it. Very brave of them, right? Certainly, and we can say that they had a nose.

Windows 10 Can Record Anything You Type

Windows 10 would be quite curious, after all, and it would even be very interested in our data.

The terms of use of Windows 10 are obviously very clear, and we can say that Microsoft grants itself many rights. Proof of this is, according to this virtual piece of paper, the firm would have the right to collect information about all files opened by the user.

Files and therefore documents, images, videos and even his music.

Windows 10 is very interested in us

Not bad, but the best is yet to come because it can also record … everything he types using his keyboard. All ? Yes, everything, which includes emails, of course, but also queries made on his favorite search engine or even… his passwords and bank details.

In other words, Windows 10 would include a “key logger”.

It's starting to get interesting, isn't it? Certainly, and it is not over because Microsoft also has the right to collect all the information of its choice, whether public or private. This includes data related to your identity (too bad for superheroes) or even the words you speak using the system's voice search.

Your first instinct may be to cry scandal by pointing an angry index finger at Redmond. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that Windows 10 is still in its development stage. Microsoft therefore needs a maximum of data to develop its system and to ensure that it meets the expectations of its (future) customers.

Also, be aware that almost all editors do a bit of the same. This is not an isolated case and I think we would also have some nice surprises reading the terms of use of other software solutions. And not necessarily that of operating systems.

However, it is still a good thing to have all of these conditions in mind when you install the system on your test machine, virtual or real.


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