Windows 10 Creators Update: what's new on the gaming side

Windows 10 Creators Update will bring many new features designed for creatives, but also for gamers . Microsoft returned to these improvements in a note published on Xbox Wire, confirming at the same time the launch of a mode specially designed for this activity. A mode that is likely to interest a lot of people.

Microsoft is targeting a fairly large audience with the Creators Update. Creatives are not the only ones to be on target. The firm also intends to seduce gamers by offering them functions adapted to their expectations and their needs.

Windows 10 Creators Update Whats New On The Gaming Side

With the Creators Update, Windows 10 will put the package on gaming.

They revolve around four points: Beam, Gaming Mode, the Xbox universe and eSport.

Beam, a competitor to Twitch

Twitch has been going strong since its acquisition by Amazon in 2014. It has established itself in the sector and it has federated a real community around its services.

Microsoft also plans to carve out a piece of the pie, and that's precisely what prompted it to pull out the checkbook to get its hands on Beam last year.

Windows 10 Creators Update will directly benefit from this acquisition by integrating the technology of the platform. Thanks to it, gamers will be able to share their games without having to go through a third-party tool. All they need to do is open the menu dedicated to shares and choose the appropriate option to broadcast their games on the service.

It will work with our PCs, of course, but also with Xboxes.

Gaming Mode, performance above all else

Microsoft has confirmed the rumors that have been circulating since the end of last year. The Creators Update will thus be delivered with a new operating mode specially designed for gaming .

The firm gives few details in its note, but it still indicates that this mode will improve the performance of our bikes in a few moments. In addition, Microsoft is also working on an update to make the menus of the Xbox One smoother and more responsive.

Xbox, everything for friends

In parallel, the giant is also working on an overhaul of Xbox Live.

Microsoft wants to make life easier for gamers and allow them to stay in touch with their community more easily. This will require several ergonomic optimizations, but also the integration of updates into the activity feed. Thanks to this system, it will be possible to share more content.

Xbox Arena, finally in sight?

Xbox Arena was announced during the last E3 and it simply kisses to make life easier for esports related events.

Available only in beta for the moment, it will be offered in public version when the Creators Update launches. Gamers will be able to create their own tournaments and send invitations to their friends or to members of their club. At the end of the competition, the scores will be automatically shared on Xbox Live, but also on the social profiles of gamers .

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