Windows 10: focus on parameters from now!

Windows 10 has a modern and flexible interface, that's a fact, but it's also been designed to adapt to the needs of users. If they wish, they can therefore customize its operation as they wish, by going to the system parameters. This focus should help you see it a little more clearly.

Be careful, however, because this article will not present all the settings and options of the OS. It will actually focus on the most useful functions, and therefore the ones you absolutely need to know.

Windows 10 Focus On Parameters

The settings screen is very clear. Each item is symbolized by an icon.

I take this opportunity to remind you that the parameters are accessible by means of a button present in the start menu. To go faster, you can also ask Cortana to display them.

In both cases, the system will display a window made up of several icons. They all refer to a particular section.


The options grouped together in the “personalization” section will allow you to modify the appearance of Windows 10. There are five different sub-sections in all.

The first will allow you to change the wallpaper and it offers all the usual options. You can choose to center the image, stretch it or even repeat it.

Then we have a section that focuses on colors. Thanks to it, you can define a dominant color and then extend it to the different elements constituting the system interface. If you don't have any inspiration, you can also ask Windows 10 to handle this option automatically, depending on the image set in the background.

The third section focuses on the lock screen. The user can define the image of his choice, but also choose the applications having access to the display of the quick status.

If you want to go further in customizing your system, then you will have to go to the fourth section. It will give you control over the sounds used by the system and over your mouse cursor.

Finally, the fifth section focuses on the welcome and it is far from being anecdotal because it includes a lot of interesting options to hide certain elements or even to use the home screen instead of the start menu.

Windows 10 Focus On Parameters 1

Need to connect a second screen to your PC? No problem, you can define how it works on this screen.

The system

These settings relate to how Windows 10 works and they'll give you control over notifications, for example, or even tablet mode.

The options are divided into ten different themes.

The first includes everything related to display. It is very practical, especially for those who have connected several screens to their computer.

Are you not completely satisfied with the settings in the notification center? No problem, you can modify them on the fly by going to the “notifications and actions” section. This is also where you will find the list of applications compatible with the notification system.

The options for multitasking and virtual desktops can be found under… “multitasking”. They will allow you to change the behavior of windows and even define the action associated with the ALT + TAB shortcut.

If the user wishes, he can customize the operation of Continuum. All he has to do is browse the section called “tablet mode”. It will even have the option of asking Windows 10 to automatically manage the switch from one mode to another.

The system also incorporates an energy saver. It will show you a lot of info on battery usage and it will even bring up the list of the most demanding applications. And if you want to gain autonomy, you can perfectly block applications running in the background.

A little further on, you will find another section devoted to the applications defined by default.

Windows 10 Focus On Parameters 2

Need to modify the data associated with your account? There are options for that.


Windows 10 will always ask you to create an account upon installation. If you need to change your personal info or set up additional accounts then you will need to go to system settings.

The “my account” section will list all the data associated with your account. It will also allow you to modify your avatar or switch to a local account.

Need to change the way you log into your machine? No problem, just go to the connection options. There, you can change your password, configure a PIN code and access Windows Hello options.

If you do not know it yet, then know that Windows Hello combines all the biometric functions of Windows 10. This applies to fingerprint recognition but also for retinal scans.

This should not surprise you, but you will be able to configure multiple user accounts on your machine. To do so, simply go to the “Family and other users” section. If the need arises, you can even create an account for your child.

Microsoft has invested heavily in the “cloud” in recent years and Windows 10 is no exception. It will indeed be able to synchronize all our data from one terminal to another in a few moments.

The user obviously retains control over the synchronized information and he will only have to go to the last section of the list to choose the content to synchronize.

Windows 10 Focus On Parameters 3

Need to configure WiFi access? This screen should interest you.

The network

We currently live in an ultra-connected world.

Windows 10 supports all possible connection methods and the associated options are grouped together under the “Network and Internet” model.

WiFi is well represented, that goes without saying, but it is not alone because the section dedicated to cellular networks will also allow you to connect your hybrid machine to 3G or 4G if it is equipped with a chip of this type. .

The airplane mode is there, of course, and it should be of great interest to the more nomadic among you. By activating it, you will effectively suspend the operation of WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS or even the NFC chip and this should allow you to last a few more hours.

If you want to keep an eye on the data “consumed” by your machine, then just go to the appropriate section. It will give you an overview on the subject.

Windows 10 obviously supports VPN-type connections and it even offers a section dedicated to this subject. This is where you will need to go to configure your connection.

Windows 10 Focus On Parameters 4

Windows 10 will allow you to change how Windows Update works.

Updates & Security

It was impossible to achieve this focus without mentioning the section devoted to updates and security.

The first section will give you access to Windows Update and you will only have to click on the button to launch the analysis. If Windows 10 detects an update, then it will offer to install it.

By going to the advanced options, you can also modify the operation of updates and activate or deactivate the peer-to-peer system. I would remind you that the system is able to share updates with computers connected to the same local network, or even on the web.

This is obviously very practical when deploying the OS in a company.

Windows 10 comes with the latest version of Windows Defender, and you can of course customize how the tool works.

If you wish, you will have the possibility to activate or deactivate real-time protection and protection in the “cloud”.

This section will also allow you to create exceptions. Be careful however because it will be preferable to master the subject well before using these options.

All the options relating to backups and recovery are grouped together in these two sections. In the first, you can set up a drive to save the history of your files. The second will allow you to reset your PC or revert to an earlier version.

It will also give you control over advanced startup options .

In addition, you will also find in the settings a section dedicated to peripherals, and another dedicated to data confidentiality.

As you can see, Windows 10 settings go much deeper than Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Microsoft has however chosen to keep the control panel for advanced options.

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