Windows 10 has exceeded 6.7% global market share

Microsoft can rub their hands. Windows 10 has been available for a little over a month, and it seems to have found its audience already. Proof of this is, according to the latest study by StatCounter , the system has just exceeded 6.66% market share. Yes and it is even getting dangerously close to its main rival, OS X not to mention it.

All studies should be taken with caution, of course, and this one is no exception. It is important to keep this idea in mind before continuing to read this article.

Windows 10 Has Exceeded 6 66 Global Market Share

Windows 10 seems to have had some success in the space of a month.

According to StatCounter, therefore, Windows 10 currently holds 6.69% market share in the world. It would be ahead of Windows 8 and Windows Vista by a short head since the latter peaked at 3.23% and 1.88% respectively.

Windows 10 would hold 10% market share in France

As mentioned above, it would also be on the heels of OS X and Windows XP. The first would currently hold 8.65% market share in the world, against 9.42% for the second. Windows 8.1 would still be doing just as well with 13.36% market share.

Windows 7, it would always occupy the first place of the podium with 53% of market share. Huge.

So what about in France? Windows 10 does not appear in the list, but Silicon journalists have managed to get some figures from the American giant. According to Microsoft, the system has been installed on 75 million terminals around the world. In France, there would be around 100,000 toggles per day and more than 3 million downloads in the space of a month.

Still according to figures given by the company, Windows 10 currently holds 10% of the market share in France and the adoption rate is twelve times faster than Windows 8 and… three times faster than Windows 7.

Microsoft also sought to reassure users by explaining that the protection of personal data was at the heart of their priorities. Marc Mossé also specified that they were not used for any advertising targeting.

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