Windows 10: info on Cortana, the Xbox app and the new Windows Store

Microsoft will hold a special press conference next January to present the new version of Windows 10, and more specifically this famous Windows-10 that everyone is waiting with the greatest impatience. The Verge, for its part, tried to find out more on the subject and the site thus got its hands on information related to Cortana , the Xbox application and the content of the new Windows Store . Even the tile crunchers will get their money's worth.

Cortana, for starters, will replace the search built into the system and this should not surprise those who had the opportunity to watch this famous video mentioned earlier this month.

Windows 10 Info On Cortana The Xbox App And The New Windows Store

Windows 10 Xbox app.

Its operation will be similar to what Windows Phone offers. The assistant will thus be able to obey the voice of his master and he will be able to create notes and reminders on the fly. All data relating to the user will be synchronized from one terminal to another. Importantly, at present, Cortana is not fully functional and it will probably be necessary to wait for the final version of Windows 10 to take advantage of all its features.

Towards a merger between Windows Store, Xbox Music and Xbox Video?

On the sidelines, Microsoft also worked on a new application dedicated to the Xbox . The latter will act as a bit of a bridge between our computers and our game console. It will give us access to the trophies, but also to the list of our friends, to our activity streams and to the shop. Unfortunately, SmartGlass will not be integrated automatically.

The firm has also worked a lot on its store, and therefore on the Windows Store . The latter will still offer applications and games, but it will also allow us to buy movies and even TV series. Ultimately, it is also possible that Microsoft will merge its platform with Xbox Music and Xbox Video.

Otherwise, well, we will also have to reckon with new animations for the Task View.

I'm more OS X at home (and at work too, for once) but the Technical Preview of Windows 10 made a strong impression on me and I can't wait to get my hands on this new version.


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