Windows 10 is now installed on 300 million terminals!

Windows 10 has just taken a new step, and not the least. The system is now installed on more than 300 million terminals around the world! Microsoft may be rubbing its hands, but we must all the same remember that the end of free access is near. If you want to migrate without breaking the bank, you will have to think about hurrying a bit.

In order to impose its system on the market, Microsoft has indeed chosen to offer it free of charge during the first year of its launch to all people with a valid license.

Windows 10 Is Now Installed On 300 Million Terminals

Windows 10 has just taken a new step.

This strategy has paid off because Windows 10 has experienced a much higher adoption rate than Windows 8.1 or even Windows 8. It only took nine months to pass the 300 million mark. activations. Good performance.

Windows 10 is everywhere, and that's its strength

Yusuf Medhi, vice-president in charge of the Windows division, did not fail to congratulate his teams by announcing the news. He says he is very proud of the work accomplished, especially since the system is not only adopted by individuals. It has also found its place in very small businesses, in SMEs and even in large groups, audiences who had been rather resistant to Windows 8.x.

This success is not surprising, however. Windows 10 does not only correct the errors of its predecessor, it is also the first system of its generation to play the card of universality.

Unlike its competitors and predecessors, it is not limited to our computers or hybrid machines. It is also able to run on the brand's living room console but also on its phones.

The free period will end this summer

Now Windows 10 also has another plus: it's offered for free, so you don't have to take out the credit card or even the checkbook to take advantage of it. No, but you should know that this free access is limited in time and it will end in July.

If you haven't taken the plunge yet, then it might be best to hurry up before it's too late.

Be aware that Microsoft does not intend to stop there. It actually intends to equip a billion devices by 2018.

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