Windows 10 is updating, with a lot of improvements to the key

Microsoft is in great shape at the moment and has just deployed a new build (10122) for Windows 10 . It fixes quite a few bugs, of course, but it also brings several interesting new features.

If you want to install it on your machine, it is not complicated since it will suffice to go to its parameters, and more precisely to the section devoted to updates. Be careful, however, because this version will only be offered to people who have opted for a fast update cycle.

Windows 10 Is Updating With A Lot Of Improvements To The Key

Windows 10 build 10122 is available now from all Insiders.

As mentioned in this article , this version focuses mainly on the publisher's new web browser, and therefore on Microsoft Edge.

Full of new features for Microsoft Edge

Among the various improvements made, there is the integration of a page that will appear when opening a new tab. It will allow us to launch research, of course, but also to access the most frequented sites.

If necessary, we can also browse the history to find all the pages visited recently. Ah, and we'll even have the option to delete an entry by clicking on the corresponding button.

Edge will also allow us to pin a site with one click.

On the sidelines, Microsoft has also cleaned up the start menu a bit. The shortcuts pointing to File Explorer and Settings are no longer at the top but at the bottom, overcoming the system shutdown button.

They are also entitled to their own pictograms now.

The same goes for the Continuum function which should work better when switching from “computer” mode to “tablet” mode. Ah, and since happiness never comes alone, you are also going to have the option of setting Universal Apps as the default apps to open certain types of files.

However, be careful not to start too quickly because Microsoft Edge poses a problem on computers equipped with an AMD graphics card. If this is the case with yours and if you want to be able to continue using the browser, then it will be better to wait for the next build.

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