Windows 10: official prices, by Microsoft

Windows 10 is expected at the end of July and it will be offered free (for one year) to anyone licensed for Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Others will have no choice and they will have to (re) checkout if they want to benefit from all the improvements made by the system.

And the whole question, of course, is how much the license will cost you. Chance does things well because Microsoft has just revealed the prices of OEM versions.

Windows 10 Official Prices By Microsoft

Microsoft has just revealed the price of Windows 10. Well, rather, two of its versions.

And unsurprisingly, they align with those that were revealed by Newegg earlier this week.

$ 119 for Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 Home will be offered from 119 dollars, and probably the same in euros. It's not cheap, it's true, but it will be even worse for the Professional version since it will cost no less than 199 dollars to take advantage of it.

And the others ?

Microsoft does not give more information for the moment but Windows 10 Mobile should be deployed free of charge on all terminals capable of running it. We will unfortunately have to wait a little longer to find out how much the Mobile Pro, Enterprise, Education and IoT Core editions will cost us.

These prices are not surprising because they are very close to those of the previous versions. So if you really want to install Windows 10 on your machine, you might want to buy a license for Windows 7 and then take advantage of the free update.

There you should get by for less than 90 euros.

Finally it's you who see, of course …


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