Windows 10 pays for a first update

Microsoft rolled out an update for Windows 10 this morning. It doesn't revolutionize the genre, of course, but it still brings a number of improvements to the system and even fixes a few bugs along the way. Morality, if you have migrated, you have every interest in installing it on your bike.

The KB30811424, it is its reference, does not bring new functions and it does not modify the behavior of the system either. In reality, it focuses on its stability and responsiveness.

Windows 10 Pays For A First Update

Windows 10 has just been updated. It should run better on your bike.

As indicated above, it will correct a lot of bugs and it should significantly improve the performance of the system.

And a first update for Windows 10!

Mind you, that's a good start already, right?

Microsoft lists all changes to system files on this page, without clearly discussing the additions and changes associated with them. However, by browsing the list of files, we realize that the company has done a lot of work on Flash and ActiveX.

On the sidelines, she also took the opportunity to optimize the account system and to replace some icons and some visuals. Memtest also received an update, as well as several utilities related to system startup.

If you want to install it on your computer, it is not complicated since it suffices to rely on Windows Update and therefore on the update utility present in the system settings. The operation only lasts a few minutes and you will have to restart your machine for the changes to take effect.

I have installed the final version of Windows 10 on my Q704 since it became available and I admit that I am very satisfied with it. I haven't had any bugs so far. And you ?

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