Windows 10 Pro licenses deactivated: Microsoft is investigating

Windows 10 Pro faces a bug causing unjustified and impromptu deactivations. This is what we learn from the American Reddit forum. On a topic opened on November 8 and devoted to the problem, many users report a bug causing the deactivation of their license, without warning and without any particular reason. A problem that Microsoft knows and on which the Redmond firm is investigating to find the origin. After having, at first, recommended to the affected users not to undertake anything and to wait for a correction, the firm now details a simple procedure which would make it possible to remedy the problem in many cases.

Fixing the bug, for its part, should not drag on. In a press release updated on November 9, the firm promises to provide a solution to all those concerned within 24 hours. At the time of writing, fixing the bug already seems to be on track.

Windows 10 Pro licenses deactivated: Microsoft is investigating

A bug highlighted by many Reddit users has recently attacked Windows 10 Pro licenses by deactivating them. Microsoft, aware of the problem, claims to conduct the investigation.

Suddenly after having had this key for years, running Windows 8 Pro, then running Windows 10 Pro after free upgrade, a notification popped up telling me that my key was for Windows 10 Home and that 'I had to install it… what's going on? ShittyLivingRoom said Thursday, the Reddit user having first sounded the alarm, soon followed by others.

A problem already practically solved, suggests Microsoft

For its part, Microsoft quickly replied by explaining that it was aware of the phenomenon: “ We are aware that some users of Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise encounter [an error message indicating to them] that their license is no longer activated. We are working to resolve this issue within 24 hours. You can still use your PC, however, you will see the watermark [indicating that Windows 10 is not activated] until the license is reactivated. Thank you for your patience ”.

A little later, the firm added that by going through the troubleshooting option offered in the settings of Windows 10, the problem could in some cases be resolved by itself (Settings / Update and Security / Activation / Troubleshoot ).

Although practically resolved, this Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise license deactivation problem comes as Microsoft faces complications in its development of the next major update to Windows 10. The new version of the OS (1809) was indeed recently the victim of a bug causing files to disappear from its first users. A bug that forced Microsoft to postpone its deployment in early October.

Windows 10 Pro licenses deactivated: Microsoft is investigating

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