Windows 10 will come in seven versions

Windows 10 will hit the market before the end of the year, so there are only a few months to wait before you can take advantage of it. Microsoft has just revealed the name and functions of the seven versions of the system.

Yes, seven versions, not one more, not one less. Rest assured though, as not all of them will target the general public. Far from it, even, and each edition will have its own specificities, its own characteristics.

Windows 10 Will Come In Seven Versions

Microsoft will market seven versions of Windows 10. There will be some for individuals and for professionals.

Windows 10 Home will primarily target the general public. You, me, my baker, your aunt. It will also be this version that will be installed on machines sold by manufacturers in supermarkets and online stores.

It will come with Edge, Hello and all the usual tools.

Seven versions for all audiences, and for all uses

Windows 10 Mobile will succeed good old Windows Phone. Microsoft has finally decided to reconnect with its first demons. The functions offered will depend on the terminal, only the most powerful telephones will be entitled to all the tools of the system. This will be the case in particular for the Continuum function.

Fun fact, the firm will also give us a Windows 10 Mobile Pro that can be integrated into corporate fleets. It will therefore facilitate the task of DSi and technicians working under their responsibility.

Windows 10 Pro will be aimed at slightly more demanding users and all those who want to connect their machine to a domain. It will therefore be the equivalent of Windows 10 Pro and it will embed advanced functions designed for the company.

And then, finally, consumers and professionals will be able to move towards Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Education or Windows 10 IoT Core for connected objects.

In short, there will be something for all tastes, and for all uses.

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