Windows 10 Sun Valley: the interface partially revealed

Windows 10 Sun Valley is a little more precise thanks to a series of captures shared by Windows Central. They reveal important cosmetic changes, with an interface that is both cleaner and more modern.

2021 will be a special year for Microsoft. The firm is in fact preparing a major update for Windows 10. Expected before the end of the year, it will bring many changes to the system interface.

Windows 10 Sun Valley The Interface Partially Revealed
Image by Becca Clark from Pixabay

Sun Valley will indeed not be there to make up the figure. Microsoft has repeatedly insisted that this update will be the most important since the launch of the first version of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Sun Valley, the most important update since the launch of Windows 10

This also seems to confirm the various screenshots published by Windows Central on January 13. Captures developed from confidences made by sources inevitably close to the case, and more generally from the affairs of the firm.

It should also be noted that our colleagues clearly specify in their article that this same information should be taken with caution. By side effect, the same also applies to these captures.

Windows 10 Sun Valley will therefore aim to refresh the user interface of the system. This will require the implementation of a new, simpler and more refined taskbar. Our colleagues also draw a parallel with Windows 10X, which we were able to discover in video earlier thanks to another video of their own .

The taskbar won't be the only one to receive a facelift. Microsoft should also take the opportunity to review the action center. Once again, we should expect more refined visuals, but perhaps also a rationalization of the information fed back by the function.

The start menu will not escape this facelift. Windows Central therefore expects a redesign of the tiles. Thumbnails should still be dynamic, but square tiles would give way to tiles with rounded corners. Our colleagues have also received a capture, which they modified to protect their source, but which exactly reflects the pace of these changes.

Windows 10 Sun Valley The Interface Partially Revealed 1
The Windows 10 Sun Valley start menu recreated by Windows Central

A cleaner and more stylish interface

Efforts will also focus on all home applications, but also on the window system. Once again, we must therefore expect more refined visuals, but also transparency effects that seem very elegant.

Ditto for the effects. Microsoft would intend to review them entirely in order to give a feeling of greater fluidity to its system.

Some additional functions are also expected, such as a widget dedicated to news in the taskbar, or a new menu dedicated to the battery in the system settings.

Microsoft was also working on a new capture assistant, but also on a dashboard allowing to display in one and the same place all the activity associated with the active Microsoft account. Like upcoming appointments, the latest documents created with Office, emails received or even areas of interest.

Windows 10 Sun Valley The Interface Partially Revealed 2
The applications will also change their look – Windows Central credits

Deployment in October, and June for members of the Windows Insider program?

Windows Central also expects a redesign of the gesture navigation system for tablets and hybrid machines, but also the ability to remove all built-in applications.

The big unknown remains the date of deployment. In their article, our colleagues evoke the month of October, with a launch in June for members of the Insider program. Dates to be taken with the most elementary of caution given the current health context.

Windows 10 Sun Valley The Interface Partially Revealed 3
Another capture of Windows 10 Sun Valley – credits Windows Central
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