Windows 10 Technical Preview: focus on the 'Task View'

Windows 10 Technical Preview brings a lot of pretty funny new features. It is obviously impossible not to mention the return of the “start” menu , but it is far from the only improvement. No and the other good surprise is without a doubt the dreaded Task View . And that's good because that's the subject of this article, and the video that you will be able to find a little further down.

The Task View, or “Vue des Tâches” in French quite ugly, is a new … view allowing to navigate more easily within open applications. Applications, but not only because the rascal will also allow us to navigate from virtual offices to virtual offices.

Windows 10 Technical Preview Focus On The Task View

Windows 10 Task View in all its glory.

Yes, dear friends, you read that correctly and this is not a delirium caused by the ingestion of multiple hallucinatory drugs. Windows 10 will finally be able to manage multiple virtual desktops! Exactly like what Linux and OS X have offered for many years.

Windows 10 and virtual desktops work well but it's not perfect

It doesn't sound like anything said like that but it will change everything. Absolutely everything. Thanks to this function, you will be able to organize your windows like never before and for example fit your office tools on the first desk (for your boss), your web browser on the second (for fun) and a Twitter client on the third.

To navigate among your virtual desktops, just click on the icon on the taskbar that is fine. ALT + TAB is still required, but unfortunately it is limited to applications. No matter how hard I looked in the system options, I couldn't find a way to assign the Task View to this keyboard shortcut.

The function is still very basic, and we are obviously very far from what a Mission Control offers for example.

To assign an application to a desktop, you will have to start by creating one, moving around in it and starting the program of your choice. If you want to move a window to another desktop, you will have to go through the Task View and right-click on its header, before going to the “Move to” option. Not very practical, it must be admitted.

In addition, Microsoft has still implemented keyboard shortcuts to help us quickly switch from one desktop to another: CTRL + Windows + pressing the left or right key.

If you need to close a window, or even delete a desktop, you will just have to click on the cross of the element of your choice.

Windows 10's Task View isn't perfect, of course, but it does pretty well all the same. Especially for a first version, and no doubt that the tool will improve over the beta versions.

And we end with the little video that goes well. Like always.

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