Windows 10 Technical Preview: focus on the windows system

Windows 10 “Technical Preview” brings a number of improvements related to the start menu and the virtual desktop system . The windows are not left out either, of course, and Microsoft has not been there with the back of the spoon on this ground there. Far from it, even and if you want to see how they work, how they behave, well you are in the right place since that is precisely the subject of this article.

Windows 8 marked a real break in the history of the publisher and it is quite logical since the latter was designed to be used with the mouse / keyboard pair, of course, but also with touch screens.

Windows 10 Technical Preview Focus On The Windows System

Modern UI apps now frequent traditional apps.

To fulfill this mission, Microsoft engineers have given life to somewhat specific applications with a Modern UI interface. And basically, these tools were meant to work alongside the traditional desktop.

Modern UI applications on the desktop, new for the Snap and for the Charm Bar

The rest, everyone knows. The publisher has taken a veritable volley of green wood across the face, and has been the target of a number of harsh criticisms. They were not necessarily all founded, but that did not prevent him from reviewing his copy and Windows 10 no longer works the same way at all.

While Modern UI apps are still around, they can now run directly from the traditional desktop, just like any other program.

When we launch them for the first time, these applications will run in full screen but it will be enough to click on the appropriate button in the upper right corner of the screen to reduce them to the state of simple fly-out windows. BECAUSE YOU ARE THE BOSS. There, well, it will obviously be possible to move them on the desktop, but we can also reduce them in the taskbar or close them by clicking on one of the usual buttons.

On Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, it was perfectly possible to pin an application on the left or on the right part of the screen. It is always possible with Windows 10 and we will only have to move a window to one of the borders of the screen to place them on its entire half.

When this is done, thumbnails will appear on the other half of the screen. Their number will vary depending on the running applications and we will only have to click on the image of our choice to call the associated tool and to place its window there.

To view an application in full screen, it is not more complicated. There, you just have to take your window and drag it to the top border of the screen. Windows 10 will take care of the rest.

And then there's this new button in the upper left corner of Modern UI application windows, a button that simply calls the functions that were present in the Charm Bar of Windows 8.x. No need to go looking for a corner of the screen to display them, the time saving is frankly not negligible.

I also believe that this is what emerges from all the improvements made by this Technical Preview. We really feel that Microsoft has made efforts to boost our productivity and so that we waste as little time as possible. The system is simpler, more accessible and, ultimately, much more pleasant to use.

So much for the outline. I'm probably forgetting a lot of things but we end with the video that is going well.

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