Windows 10: the Consumer Preview for January?

Microsoft is very active right now, as we saw again yesterday with the launch of Sway . However, if we are to believe what is rumored on the Internet, the firm could organize a special press conference in January entirely dedicated to … the Consumer Preview of Windows 10 . And that is typically the kind of news that should delight tile-eaters.

And for good reason since the firm will apparently not only present the system, it will above all offer it for free download to all Internet users around the world.

Windows 10 The Consumer Preview For January

Windows 10 Consumer Preview, it may be for the month of January.

Consumer Preview requires, we must expect some notable new features. According to the information available, the information mentioned in this article , it would notably be a question of the integration of the Continuum mode allowing the interface to adapt according to the machine used.

Loads of new stuff, with Cortana as a bonus

Internet Explorer 12 would also be there, with a new interface and ergonomics redesigned for the occasion.

Better, the Consumer Preview of Windows 10 should also mark the arrival of Cortana on our computers. Be careful, however, because if the assistant must really be integrated into the OS, then it will only be in countries where it is already available. Logical, right? Certainly, but the good news in the story is that it should not be long to put down suitcases in France.

In addition to these various new features, Microsoft would also have taken the opportunity to review two or three interface elements.

As you probably already know, I was very pleasantly surprised by the Technical Preview of Windows 10. So, well I can't wait to put my fingers on this Consumer Preview.


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