Windows 10: the Consumer Preview would roam China

Oops, they did it again. Microsoft has to deal with new leaks and this time it's really heavy because they concern the Consumer Preview of Windows 10 . Imagine that this version would be currently roaming the Chinese internet, even though it is not supposed to hit the market before the start of next year.

It's terrible for the Redmond firm, a little less for us. In fact, this is even excellent news since this leak allows us to learn a little more about this new version.

Windows 10 The Consumer Preview Would Roam China

Windows 10 Consumer Preview is reportedly currently roaming around China. At the same time, he is right, it is the right period.

First and not the least, the Consumer Preview of Windows 10 will visibly integrate this famous Continuum mode allowing the system to adapt its interface to the type of machine used.

Continuum, Cortana, Internet Explorer 12 and two or three more odds and ends

Like you're there, with your Surface, at the back of the sofa, and the OS automatically activates the home screen while giving pride of place to Modern UI applications. Then, you move to the living room table, you plug in the cover / keyboard and presto, you are on the traditional desk with all your usual working environment. Class, right?

But that's not all because this version will also integrate the new version of the house web browser. Internet Explorer 12 will therefore be part of it, with a new interface and completely revised ergonomics. Not to mention some optimizations in passing, of course.

Do you need more? No problem, because I saved the best for last. The Windows 10 Consumer Preview will also mark the arrival of Cortana on our computers and on our hybrid machines. At least in countries where it is available. With us, this should be done somewhere in the coming months.

On the sidelines, Microsoft took the opportunity to review two or three icons.

I haven't had a chance to test this version yet, I think I'll wait for the official release anyway, so I can't tell you much more about it.


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