Windows 10: the first PC running Snapdragon 835 is coming soon

We talked about it some time ago, Qualcomm plans to launch, in the increasingly near future, a Windows 10 PC based on a Snapdragon 835 chip. The feat here is to manage to make Windows 10 work on an architecture (ARM in this case) which is not necessarily intended to propel it.

Indeed, if you know a little about the small world of SoCs, you certainly know that they are usually designed to animate our favorite smartphones, and often by means of Android. Never mind, Qualcomm has the firm intention of designing a bike capable of operating both under Microsoft's latest OS and on its new high-end SoC. Intel had better watch out!

Windows 10 The First Pc Running Snapdragon 835 Is Coming Soon

The first computer running Windows 10 and powered by a Snapdragon 835 chip, should land very soon according to Qualcomm.

The integration of an ARM chip in a Windows PC could indeed present a certain number of advantages, starting with the competition that Qualcomm could then make to Intel in the laptop sector. If AMD is back in the race on this side, there is no doubt that a third challenger would be welcome in a market that has been taking a bit of a nosedive for a few years.

An imminent launch for Qualcomm. See you this winter?

In any case, this is what the WindowsLatest site is saying in an article dated Saturday. If one relies on a statement made by the American founder on the Berlin show of the IFA, it would seem that indeed this new kind of machine is about to find the way of the dealers. It remains to be seen when exactly.

On this side Qualcomm remains (very) elusive, but it's a safe bet that this winter is ideal for a first test run.

Remember that in addition to the healthy competition that Qualcomm could bring to the laptop sector under Windows 10, the presence of laptops equipped with Snapdragon chips would probably be synonymous with devices of unparalleled finesse and moderate energy consumption. Two characteristics that fit perfectly with the idea we have of a terminal dedicated to mobility.

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