Windows 10: the list of all the “gestures” supported by the system

Windows 10 will bring a lot of changes, that's a fact, especially in terms of interaction. I am not talking here about the new interface of the system, but rather about the “gestures” implemented by Microsoft. They will allow us to save a lot of time on a daily basis.

This is not the first time that they are mentioned by the firm but the latter took advantage of WinHEC to come back to it. With some interesting revelations. Take, for example, you should know that the touchpads of our future laptops will be much more precise than those of the current generation.

Windows 10 The List Of All The Gestures Supported By The System

Windows 10 is going to put the package on “gestures” and that is very good news.

Better still, they can even analyze the movements of four fingers simultaneously.

The usual gestures will be there, of course. You just need to slide your finger on the touchpad of your computer to move the cursor on the screen. With one tap for a left click and two quick taps for a double click.

A system modeled on OS X, Windows style

So what about the right click? Nothing complicated, you will only have to tap the keypad once with two fingers. It is obviously very difficult – if not impossible – not to think about what OS X offers but these gestures at least have the merit of being easily remembered.

Need to move around the content of a window? No problem, you will have to place two fingers on the surface of the touchpad and slide them in the direction of your choice. The “pinch to zoom” will also be there, of course, and you will only have to tap once with three fingers to wake Cortana and thus bring the assistant out of his torpor.

Same thing for multitasking, with a swipe left, right, up or down. As for the Action Center, a light tap with four fingers is enough to display it.

The touch screens of our tablets are not forgotten. If you swipe from left to right, then you will be able to bring up the list of recently used applications. The reverse gesture will display the action center for the part.

To summarize :

  • Move the cursor on the screen: slide your finger on the surface of the pad.
  • Left click: perform a single tap
  • Double click: perform two quick taps.
  • Move an element: tap then slide your finger on the keypad.
  • Right click: tap with two fingers.
  • Move the content of a window: slide two fingers on the keypad.
  • Zoom in / out: Pinch the pad with two fingers.
  • Activate Cortana: Tap with three fingers.
  • Access multitasking: slide three fingers on the pad.
  • Open the Action Center: tap with four fingers.
  • Open the Task View: slide three fingers from the bottom to the top.
  • Close the Task View: slide three fingers from the top to the bottom.
  • Do an ALT-TAB: slide three fingers from left to right.
  • Show desktop: slide three fingers down from the middle.
  • Show apps: swipe three fingers from the bottom to the middle.

Finally, note that all these instructions can be found in the presentation broadcast during WinHEC. Presentation available online at this address . I integrated the slides concerned at the end of the article, but feel free to browse the document if you feel like it.

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