Windows 10: two big updates for 2021

Windows 10 is not an operating system like any other. It was indeed considered as a service by Microsoft and the publisher had also heavily insisted on this point during its press conference. It also means that the system will have to evolve frequently. The firm has also planned to roll out two big updates next year.

This point was confirmed by Nathan Mercer earlier this week in an article on the Anniversary Update. An article available online at this address .

Windows 10 Two Big Updates For 2017

Windows 10 will be entitled to two Redstones next year.

The paper in question focuses on the main improvements made to the professional version of the system and is therefore aimed more at businesses.

Windows 10 will be entitled to two Redstones in 2017

However, it also evokes the future and therefore the next updates of Windows 10. The man speaks in particular of the deployment of two new “feature updates” scheduled for 2017.

When exactly ? He does not say, but Windows Central has contacted its own sources to learn a little more about the matter and they have told him that the first should be deployed early next year, probably between the first and the second. quarter 2017. And the second? It should arrive during the summer, perhaps around the same time as the Anniversary Update.

For now, we don't know anything about the improvements made by these two Redstones, but the first should be offered to members of the Windows Insider program at least a few weeks before its public and final release.

And so at the end of this year. Now, the whole question is obviously whether Microsoft will wait for Redstone 2 to lift the veil on its new terminals, and therefore on the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2.

In the meantime, if you have not yet installed the Anniversary Update on your computer or hybrid machine, then know that you will find here the list of the main new features of the system. And if you want to force it to be installed, you can. The procedure is even explained in this article .

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