Windows 10: update on the January 21 press conference

Microsoft has just held a large press conference entirely dedicated to the next version of its operating system. The announcements have obviously followed one another at a breakneck pace. And the least that we can say is that Windows 10 will mark a real break with its predecessors.

The publisher began his press conference by thanking all his Insiders. Apparently a large number of us participated in the program, and Microsoft made sure to implement our recommendations.

Windows 10 Update On The January 21 Press Conference

The Insider program put in place by Microsoft for Windows 10 has worked well.

In other words, if Windows 10 sucks, it will be our fault.

Big cosmetic changes

The team in charge of the project worked a lot on the OS interface. It will take a new taskbar prettier to look at, and the start menu can be displayed in full screen.

Windows 10 will be a transformative system, thanks to Continuum. This is not a revelation, the information has been known for a long time, but the Redmond firm wanted to recall the functionality to our fond memories. It will therefore suffice to disconnect the keyboard from our hybrid machine to switch to tablet mode, and vice versa.

Windows 10 Update On The January 21 Press Conference 1

A universal OS, also designed for our smartphones!

Windows 10 will be ubiquitous. It can equip our computers, but we will also find it on our nomadic terminals. Tablets, of course, but also phones. The stores will also merge and this new strategy should be positive for developers.

Lots of changes on that side by the way. Recent applications will be displayed at the top of the list, for example, the settings screen will benefit from a complete overhaul and notifications will be synchronized between our terminals. If you transfer an alert to your phone, for example, it will also be deleted on your computer.

It will also be possible to reply to an SMS from the notification. The virtual keyboard can be picked up on one side to facilitate typing with one hand. Otherwise, voice recognition will obviously be there.

Windows 10 Update On The January 21 Press Conference 2

Cortana will be there, of course!

No big surprise here, Cortana will be well integrated into Windows 10, and therefore on our PCs. The wizard will be accessible through the system search, and it will therefore suffice to click on the button located in the taskbar to activate it.

Microsoft has done a lot of work on its tool, with an emphasis on natural language. It's hard not to think of Siri.

Interestingly, Cortana will be able to search locally, on our computer's hard drive, on the web and on OneDrive. It will suffice to ask him to post the photos of the last month so that he can search on all these supports. Ah, and it will also allow us to launch applications.

Windows 10 Update On The January 21 Press Conference 3

New for Office and native apps

Office has been mentioned extensively by Joe Belfiore this evening. It will be entitled to an interface optimized for touch, and it will be compatible with Miracast and wireless printing. Word, Excel and Powerpoint will be integrated into the mobile version of Windows 10.

Again, synchronization will be part of the game. If you open a document on your computer, you will see it appear in Recent Documents on your smartphone, or tablet.

Microsoft also mentioned the new application in charge of photos. It will look for your images on all your accounts and it will be able to identify duplicates, thanks to the collections. Behind, it will also be necessary to count on a new more ergonomic interface.

Photos will be able to create albums automatically, based on certain criteria (date of the shooting, people, etc.).

Music will not be left out since the associated application will be able to find our tracks on different media. Ah, and it will be quite possible to store your MP3s … in your OneDrive. Quite a few changes also on Maps, People and so on.

Windows 10 Update On The January 21 Press Conference 4


Microsoft and web browsers are always a bit complicated. Internet Explorer has evolved a lot over the versions, but it still suffers from a bad reputation among developers.

The firm has therefore imagined a new tool, not badly mentioned in recent weeks: Spartan.

On the program, a new, more minimalist interface, a faster rendering engine and completely revised ergonomics. Not bad, and you will also have to rely on a note-taking tool directly integrated into the solution. It will therefore be possible to annotate your favorite sites, and then synchronize all this data between your different terminals.

All with a zest of sharing, of course.

If the user wishes, he will also be able to store certain articles to consult them later, without necessarily being connected to the internet.

Windows 10 Update On The January 21 Press Conference 5

A small revolution for video games, with a good dose of streaming

Windows 10 is also targeting gamers, and it will offer a lot of new features on this side too. Starting with a new Xbox application that is more social and more focused on exchanges between users. Messages (voice or text), activities, etc.

Players will be able to save clips of their games in an instant, using a simple keyboard shortcut: Win + G. The Xbox One will apparently automatically save the last 30 seconds of gameplay to make it easier for us to share our achievements with others. our friends and our community.

DirectX 12 will be integrated into the OS, and it will be both faster and less greedy. It will also consume 50% less energy.

Otherwise, know that Windows 10 will also be in the “cross playing”. What does it mean ? Quite simply that players officiating on PC and Xbox One will be able to compete in frenzied games.

Do you need more? Okay, the Xbox One will also be able to stream games on our mobile devices. Like on the home tablet, for example. You don't have to be on the same network for it to work.

Windows 10 Update On The January 21 Press Conference

A free OS, under certain conditions

Anyone with a Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 machine can migrate to Windows 10 for free . Microsoft sees its operating system as a service, and no longer as a product. It will therefore offer an up-to-date experience throughout the life of our computer, or our hybrid machine.

It doesn't sound like much, but a big first for Microsoft.

Windows 10 Update On The January 21 Press Conference 6

And a Microsoft Surface Hub for the road, with a HoloLens

Microsoft took the opportunity to lift the veil on a new device: the Surface Hub. It comes in the form of a large television with an 84-inch touch screen. A screen capable of displaying a 4K type definition, with speakers, microphones, WiFi, Bluetooth and many other odds and ends, each more fun than the next.

The return of the original Surface? Looks good, except it won't be a coffee table but a screen to hang on the wall. It should be considered as a board intended to host your ideas, but also as a tool geared towards group videoconferencing.

A product designed more for businesses, therefore.

On the sidelines, the firm also lifted the veil on the HoloLens, a virtual reality headset capable of increasing reality. Like you model a beautiful vase with your favorite software, and you see it appear next to your keyboard as if it were real.

Futuristic? Sure, but dedicated APIs will be built into Windows 10, and Microsoft even called on Oculus Rift to participate in the project.

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