Windows 10 will allow you to choose the gender of Cortana

Windows 10 will offer a lot of notable improvements. In the lot, it is obviously impossible not to mention the integration of Cortana .

If you do not yet know the tool, then know that it is the virtual assistant imagined by Microsoft. An assistant that is halfway between Siri and Google Now. He gives pride of place to contextualized information and it is even possible to chat with him.

Windows 10 Will Allow You To Choose The Gender Of Cortana

Cortana will soon be able to change her gender. Nothing can stop progress.

Well rather with her, since Cortana is a young lady. Microsoft obviously took a lot of inspiration from Halo to design it, but the firm still has a little surprise in store for us.

The user can choose the personality of his assistant

As indicated above, Windows 10 will change a lot of things, and the system will mainly allow the user to define the gender of his assistant.

If he wishes, he can thus change the voice of the program and opt for a deeper, more guttural tone. A man's voice, then. Powerful and cavernous.

This information does not come from the sky, of course.

In fact, it comes straight from Gizmodo US. Sean Hollister had the opportunity to chat with Michael Calcagano during the BUILD. If the name doesn't ring a bell, just know that he's the manager of the Cortana division.

According to him, Cortana should therefore evolve a lot in the weeks and months to come. Microsoft wants to go a step further and let users choose the personality of their assistant. And it will obviously not be limited to the choice of sex.

However, he refused to say more and we will therefore have to wait for the next leaks to learn a little more on the subject.

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