Windows 10 will also be free for hackers

Windows 10 will arrive during the summer , between June and September. I will probably not teach you anything by telling you but it will not be necessary to take out the credit card to take advantage of it, at least not during the first year of its launch. Anyone with a Windows 7 or Windows 8.x computer can actually install the update on their machine.

This is very generous on the part of the publisher, but the best is yet to come since it will also not be necessary to have a valid (and legal) license to take advantage of the offer. Hackers will also be able to install the OS.

Windows 10 Will Also Be Free For Hackers

Microsoft could offer Windows 10 to hackers to make them want to get back on track.

Terry Myerson announced it during an interview conducted by Reuters earlier today and the news did not fail to spread around the internet. Logical since the latter is at the head of the division devoted to the development of the operating system of the firm.

Limited supply to China?

However, you should not rejoice too quickly because all users will not necessarily be in the same boat. In fact, Terry mainly mentioned the Chinese market and this is not surprising because copies are very common there. Steve Ballmer himself heavily insisted on this point in 2010 or 2011 by revealing startling figures.

Microsoft has fought hard against piracy in the past, developing devices and identification systems that have never met with the expected success.

No Windows has managed to withstand repeated assaults by hackers and hackers.

Faced with this failure, the firm could finally opt for a different strategy by offering this update to all those who have spent the last few years in the most complete illegality.

The ironic part is that this offer could make a lot of money for Microsoft. Offering Windows 10 also means inviting users to immerse themselves in the Windows ecosystem. An ecosystem made up of several paid solutions. A good way to get them started, in short.

Update: Microsoft ultimately does not intend to offer Windows 10 to hackers. All the info is here .

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