Windows 10 will be Microsoft’s last Windows

Microsoft held an Ignite conference in Chicago last week to showcase its latest news. Jerry Nixon took the stage to talk about Windows 10 . He then dropped a huge paving stone in the pond, indicating that no other Windows were planned for the moment.

However, the tile crunchers can rest assured because the publisher does not intend to leave the market for all that. Far from it, even. In reality, it is even quite the opposite since it seeks to infuse a new dynamic by approaching what Apple offers with OS X.

Windows 10 Will Be Microsofts Last Windows

Windows 10 will be Microsoft's last Windows. Finally for now.

You may have forgotten it, but the very first version of OS X hit the market in 1999, so it has just celebrated its sixteenth birthday.

Windows 10 will become a service more than a product

In the meantime, Apple has obviously made a lot of changes and the company has thus deployed several major versions: Cheetah in 2001, Jaguar in 2002, Panther in 2003, Tiger in 2005, Leopard in 2007, Snow Leopard in 2009, Lion in 2011, Mountain Lion in 2012, Mavericks in 2013 and finally Yosemite in 2014.

If you are an apple critter at heart then you should know that these versions are all very different from each other. Yosemite, for example, no longer has much to do with what Snow Leopard offered in its day.

Yes, well Microsoft wants to do the exact same thing for Windows 10. Rather than launching a new product every three or four years, the company will frequently roll out major updates bundling new tools and features. Updates completely transparent to the user.

A bit as if it were a service, after all, and it's quite funny because the term comes up frequently in the mouths of representatives of the firm.

This strategy is pretty smart, ultimately, as it should have a positive impact on OS fragmentation.

According to the latest survey published by NetMarketShare, Windows 7 would still hold more than 58% of the market share, against 16.94% for Windows XP and 10% for Windows 8.1. With this new system, the question will no longer arise since we will all be on Windows 10.

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