Windows 10 will be more secure than its predecessors

Microsoft has communicated a lot on the next version of its operating system, and the firm obviously does not intend to stop there. Proof of this is that she has just published an article devoted to certain new features brought by Windows 10 , new features particularly in relation to data protection. And guess what? He should do better than his predecessors in this area too.

It's no secret that Windows is often the target of very virulent attacks. Microsoft therefore wishes to do everything possible to complicate the lives of hackers and at the same time protect its many customers.

Windows 10 Will Be More Secure Than Its Predecessors And Microsoft Is Saying It

Windows 10 will be more secure than its predecessors, and that's pretty good news, right?

Windows 10 will thus integrate a new two-step identification mechanism. The user will always have to enter his account password to open his session and access his data, but he will also have to enter a code sent to his mobile. If his machine is equipped, he can also rely on a fingerprint recognition system.

Interesting, but it's not over yet. Once the session has started, he will no longer need to identify himself to Microsoft services. He will be able to access his Outlook online without having to enter his account password. The same goes for Office 365 and for all the publisher's other tools.

Importantly, all data related to the identification of a person will be systematically stored in a secure container.

It gets even better because Windows 10 will also be cut out for BYOD . As soon as we connect to our corporate network, then our applications and documents will be automatically encrypted. Ah and icing on the cake, it will be the same for the next versions of Windows Phone.


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