Windows 10 won't be fooled by the twins!

Windows 10 offers a lot of tools to help us secure our account and it also gives pride of place to biometrics with Windows Hello. It thus supports fingerprint readers, retinal scanners and… facial recognition. The Australian also had fun carrying out some tests to test the system and the latter obviously came out like a chef.

The magazine did not spare its efforts because it asked six pairs of twins – identical twins – to pass in front of the computer camera to test the facial recognition function.

Windows 10 Wont Be Fooled By The Twins

Windows 10 will have no trouble telling the difference between identical twins.

You had to think about it, eh.

Windows Hello errs on the side of caution and that's great news

In half of the cases, Windows Hello was able to differentiate each person without any difficulty. Pretty feat, isn't it? Certainly, but in two cases, the system refused access to the brother or sister who had configured their session. To believe that he errs on the side of caution.

And the last case? It is quite special because the binoculars tried to trick the system by re-styling and removing their glasses. As a result of the races, Windows 10 denied them access… to both.

What can we deduce from this experience? Quite simply, Windows Hello is indeed secure. He is even a little too much but it is very difficult to blame him.

It should still be remembered that the tool relies on several key components to function. If your machine is not equipped with a fingerprint reader or retinal scanner, then you will not be able to take advantage of these functions.

This makes sense, but the same goes for the facial recognition system which only works with Intel RealSense 3D technology.

Either way, Microsoft may be rubbing its hands because the facial recognition systems currently available on the market are far – very far – from being effective.

Google knows something about it, by the way.


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