Windows 9 is dead, long live Windows 10!

Microsoft held a special press conference last night that will undoubtedly go down in the history of the firm. And for good reason, since it was the opportunity for the publisher to present the next version of its operating system. And no, it will not ultimately be Windows 9 because the rascal has decided to go directly to the next step. The successor to Windows 8.1 will therefore be called … * drum roll * Windows 10 !

We must admit, this one, we had not seen it coming. Truly not. Like what, the Redmond firm is still capable of surprising, no offense to its (many) detractors.

Windows 9 Is Dead Long Live Windows 10

One Windows in your face, meeeen!

But why skip Windows 9? The reason is simple, actually. Microsoft simply wanted to mark a break and this is not surprising because Windows 10 will play the card of unity, and it will thus support a maximum of products of different formats.

One product family. One platform. One store.

A unique operating system for our fixed computers, for our ultra-laptops, for our touch tablets and…. for our cell phones.  

It's not really a surprise and it's actually been a while since all the specialized sites have been talking about this moment. Except this time it's not science fiction anymore. Far from it, even, and Microsoft has insisted on this point: “One product family. One platform. One store ” . Everything is said and publishers will no doubt be in heaven since this new unified platform should considerably simplify their lives.

Afterwards, Microsoft also mentioned two or three more odds and ends like the new start menu or the Task View.

No big surprises here because Windows 9… sorry Windows 10 has been the victim of a number of leaks over the past few weeks. The start menu will thus group together the shortcuts of our applications and their tiles. It will also allow us to access a new search that is more complete, faster and easier to handle. The Task View, for its part, will allow us to jump from applications to applications, or from virtual desktops to virtual desktops.

The Windows 10 Technical Preview will be available for free download in the coming hours through a new special program. For the final version, we will have to wait until next year.

Frankly, I don't know what to think of all these announcements. I feel a vague excitement, sure, but maybe it's about the allure of novelty, who knows.

And we finish with a demonstration video, for the form.


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