Windows 9 Threshold: captures and a video of the start menu

Windows 9 Threshold is fast approaching and the very first beta version could be offered for download before the end of the year. Crazy, right? Certainly, but it seems that some smart kids have managed to get a copy before everyone else and it's been a few hours that we have seen captures and even videos presenting the product. Content that you will be able to discover right away and a little later in the article.

The best is still to start with the video published by WinFuture yesterday at the end of the day. An interesting video in more than one way and for a fairly obvious reason: it presents the new start menu imagined by Microsoft.

Windows 9 Threshold Captures And A Video Of The Start Menu

A menu that is ultimately divided into two areas. On the left, we will find the list of all the applications installed on our machine, a list followed by a field allowing to launch a search. No big surprise there, but it is quite different for the area on the right since it groups tiles similar to those on the home screen. They obviously refer to Modern UI applications.

To add new tiles in this location, simply go and find the application of our choice in the list on the left, right click and select the appropriate application. Then, well, we just have to move the tile in one direction or the other to place it in the place of our choice.

If the user wishes, he can perfectly decide to go back to the traditional formula, with a home screen grouping all the tiles and a desktop available without a start menu. It will suffice for him to browse through the system options to activate this configuration.

So what about the catches? They are not lacking in interest either, and for a fairly simple reason: they are not limited to the start menu, they. In fact, they also present Windows Explorer and even the new notification center imagined by Microsoft. To open it, just click on an icon in the toolbar, not far from the clock. The system will then display a window containing all the alerts generated by our applications.

It's simple, it's quick and it doesn't have to be pretty. Well from my point of view, anyway, but rest assured because a lot of things can still change between now and the launch of the final version.

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