Windows 9: virtual desktops in review

Windows 9 will be officially presented on September 30, but the rascal has been talking about him for a few weeks now. Better, some sites have even managed to get their hands on a copy of the beast, and this is particularly the case of WinFuture . Yes, and if we talk about it, it's not for nothing since they posted a new video online at the beginning of the week, this time presenting the virtual offices of the system.

Finally ! Finally ! Finally ! The rehearsal is a bit heavy, I grant you, but it takes that to mark the frenzied joy that has inhabited me for a few minutes. After years of living in the dark of the single desktop, Microsoft has finally decided to listen to its users and set up a virtual desktop system.

Windows 9 Virtual Desktops In Video

A system that is obviously reminiscent of what Linux and OS X have been offering for several years.

But how does it work? Quite simply, in fact, since it will simply be necessary to click on a button present in the taskbar to access the associated manager , a manager which will take the form of a long horizontal strip placed at the bottom of the screen. There, in a few clicks, we can add as many offices as needed.

If need be, it will obviously be possible to remove unused desktops using the small cross placed at the top right of their thumbnail. Then, well we just have to click on the visual of our choice to move to the associated desktop.

Interestingly, this famous assistant will not just list our virtual offices. It will also display the running apps at the top of the screen. Applications that we can also close on the fly.

The concept is quite convincing. With a few keyboard shortcuts behind, these virtual desktops should save us a lot of time, helping us to organize ourselves better. And that, in the end, is very nice.


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