Windows XP will soon no longer be supported by Chrome

Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP since last year and this applies to the system itself as well as to the various associated software solutions. Internet Explorer thus remained in its ninth version.

Mozilla and Google, for their part, have continued to deploy updates to their browsers on this system. However, the second decided to end the operation. Chrome will no longer be kept up to date on XP from the end of the year. In other words, if you use these two products, you will have to change your habits.

Windows Xp Will Soon No Longer Be Supported By Chrome

It's no secret that there are many viruses lying around on the web, on the lookout for the slightest flaw.

Our web browsers are continuously exposed to viruses

Our web browsers are on the front lines, of course, and it only takes one crack for the virus to penetrate the very heart of our machine's system. Publishers frequently deploy new versions of their solution to save us the worst.

But now, keeping a browser up to date on several systems is very expensive and involves a lot of people. Google obviously prefers to focus on newer systems.

It's not really a surprise.

In fact, basically, support for Chrome on Windows XP is expected to end in April 2015, and therefore… now. The problem is that it is still widely used in the professional world, and even among certain individuals.

According to NetMarket Share , XP alone has a total market share of over 18%. It would therefore be in second position behind Windows 7 and it would even be ahead of Windows 8.1, the latter capping at 10.37%. By way of comparison, Windows 8 would hold only 3.62% of market share, against 3.67% for OS X 10.10 and 1.69% for OS X 10.9.

In this context, we understand why Google has decided to postpone its decision for a few months.

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