With Project Linda, the Razer Phone turns into a laptop 2021

Like every year, it is possible to discover a new prototype on the Razer booth at CES. After presenting us last year its “ Project Valerie ” (a laptop PC with three 4K screens), the firm today unveils its “ Project Linda ” – which allows to “transform” its Razer Phone into a PC portable all that is most functional.

More concretely, the idea is simply to insert a Razer Phone in an inert laptop to suddenly see it come to life (on Android, of course). In the usual location of the touchpad , a location the size of the brand's smartphone is left vacant. There is a USB Type-C plug that will connect the mobile to the device and bring it to life at the same time.

With Project Linda, the Razer Phone turns into a laptop 2021

Razer has just unveiled a new prototype on its booth at CES. Called Project Linda, it allows you to “transform” a Razer Phone into a real laptop PC.

As Razer is not known for skimping on means or doing at the bottom of the range, its Project Linda still has some interesting technical specifications; even if the Razer Phone will do most of the work thanks to its Snapdragon 835 and its 8 GB of RAM.

The “ Project Linda ” a docking station, but not an empty shell so far…

The Razer prototype therefore embeds a QHD + touch screen (3200 by 1800 pixels), but also a 200 GB SSD, as well as a battery allowing both to power the device as a whole and to recharge the Razer Phone if need. The whole thing is flanked by two USB inputs (a classic USB 3.0 socket and another Type-C) and a 3.5 mm jack output.

Note that if the concept of Razer seems interesting in many ways, the chances that it will see the light of day are particularly slim. The brand has in fact the habit of presenting prototypes at CES which are never marketed thereafter.

Designed as demonstration devices, the purpose of these devices is above all to make an impression and to show that Razer engineers are following their ideas. There is therefore a good chance that Project Linda will be put in a corner and forgotten when the famous American show closes …

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