Write! will make you want to write

Are you looking for a simple and minimalist editor to write the novel of your life? No problem, especially not if your bike is powered by Windows since Write! is (for the moment?) only offered on this platform. Too bad, moreover, because it does not lack qualities so far. No, and in reality, it shouldn't have any trouble finding its place on a small corner of your hard drive.

When you have to work on a big file, nothing beats a good word processing tool like Docs, Pages or even Word. There, we can swing links, images, very complicated graphics and build a document that is sure to impress our N + 1, or our N + 2 at best.

Write Will Make You Want To Write

But what about when you just want to write a short story, or a novel? Do we need so many options? Is the interface of this software really suitable?

No, of course, and it is precisely for this reason that there are a number of ultra minimalist text editors on the market. Write! is precisely one of these and it should appeal to tile crunchers looking for a simple and effective solution to accompany them on a daily basis. Finally, on condition that they disregard a few bugs lying around here and there, since the tool is only available in beta for the moment.

After launching the tool, the user will be faced with a large blank page topped with a few tabs. These will allow him to make several documents coexist side by side. Need to change his name? No problem, a simple right click is enough to bring up the appropriate context menu. There, well he can also create a new document, or even print the contents of the selected tab.

To access the program menu, you will have to find the button placed completely on the left.

Want to put a word in bold, insert a title or even access a thesaurus? No problem, you just have to select the word of your choice and swing a little right click behind. A menu will then appear before your eyes and all you have to do is look for the right option in the right tab to find your happiness.

In short, if you like this kind of software, then you can go for it headlong, even as Write! has the good idea of being completely free. Ah, and if you know of any other minimalist editors on Windows, your comments are welcome.