WWDC 2021: how to follow the Apple conference?

Apple will be holding a special press conference tonight to kick off WWDC 2016 . The firm should take the opportunity to present its latest news and the announcements are therefore likely to follow one another at a frantic pace. And the good news is that you will be able to follow it live.

As usual, the apple brand will indeed broadcast the event on the web, and more precisely at this address . Be careful, however, because the feed will not be compatible with all browsers on the market.

Wwdc 2016 How To Follow The Apple Conference

It will be possible to follow the opening conference of WWDC 2016.

In fact, you will need a browser compatible with HLS technology to be able to follow the event. And so from Safari or Microsoft Edge.

WWDC 2016 Keynote to be webcast

Apple will also set up a special channel on Apple TV, a channel that will be directly accessible from the home screen of the small media center.

Little information has filtered out for the moment but the firm should focus on the next version of its various platforms during this event. It should therefore evoke macOS and iOS, of course, but also tvOS and watchOS. Rumors have been rife for several weeks and we know that these versions should give pride of place to Siri.

The brand's virtual assistant may indeed make its debut on our Macs, as was mentioned earlier in the afternoon . Not bad, but it's not over because the tool could be accompanied by a new SDK to allow publishers and developers to enrich it.

So what about the stuff? For a while, there was talk of the company introducing new MacBook Pros, new MacBooks and even a new 5K display with an integrated GPU but these rumors have all since been denied and we should therefore not expect much from this side, and this even if MacRumors expects a new Watch to be there, a Watch with a thinner dial and a larger battery.

After that, we must not lose sight of the fact that the WWDC is an event which is primarily intended for developers.

I'll try to give you a full update after the firm's press conference.

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