Xbox Series S | X: the controller sees red

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will soon be able to count on a new controller – or rather, a new edition of their controller. Edition mixing red with black.

It has become a tradition, Microsoft has taken the habit of declining the controllers of its consoles in several colors – and sometimes even in several editions. The best example is that of the Xbox One controllers, available in hundreds of different colors and editions.

Xbox Series S X The Controller Sees Red
The Xbox Series X controller | S is now available in red

A real pleasure for collectors, but also for the firm and its partners.

The Xbox Series X controller | S comes in Pulse Red

The Xbox Series X | Will they be entitled to the same attention? It's quite possible, but we'll probably have to wait a few more years to see if their collection of controllers will go as far as that of the Xbox One.

In the meantime, collectors will still get their money's worth with a new version of their controller.

Let's be clear, the latter does absolutely nothing new to the existing formula. The functions remain unchanged, as do the number of controls. We therefore always find the two analog stocks, the directional cross, the four action buttons, the four triggers, the two menu buttons and the share button.

Same thing on the side of the connection which does not change a bit.

Cosmetic changes only

The only change is therefore cosmetic and relates to the general design of the controller. The upper part is thus colored in red and the lower part in black. Then it all depends on the elements.

Microsoft has chosen to dye the two sticks and the function buttons in red. The directional cross, for its part, is tinted black, exactly like the triggers. As for the action buttons, the firm went on a mix between the two with a black background and red pictograms.

The price doesn't change either. This new controller will be priced at € 59.99. Commercialization will occur next month.

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