Xbox Series X controller bug fixed soon

The Xbox Series X has been hit with few bugs since its launch, but that obviously doesn't mean it doesn't suffer from any issues. In fact, some players have reported issues with their controller disconnecting unexpectedly.

Microsoft is aware of the situation and a fix is in development.

Xbox Series X controller bug fixed soon

However, no date has yet been specified and it will therefore be necessary to be patient.

Sync problems between the Xbox Series X and its controller

Admittedly, the Xbox Series X was a good surprise. Powerful and swift, the console remains silent in all circumstances and it is also very stable. On our side, we have it since its release and we have not encountered the slightest bug.

But above all, Microsoft has been smart and the firm has chosen to use the same interface as the Xbox One so as not to lose its users. A smart choice.

Still, all is not perfect either, and several players have reported on Twitter occasional disconnection problems with their controller in the middle of the game.

Microsoft is on the move

And here the bugs seem to differ with, in some cases, a controller refusing to sync and, in others, a connection being made, but without the player's actions being recorded.

At this time, the origin of the problem is still unknown, but Microsoft has let know in a statement to The Verge that its engineers are aware of the situation and that they are actively working to resolve the problem. . A fix will therefore be deployed shortly to put the Xbox Series X back on track.

When? The whole question is unfortunately there. And here, in this case, Microsoft was not very specific. The brand has indeed announced no date for the moment.

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