Xiaomi Air Charge, remote wireless charging

Xiaomi once again proves its ability to innovate. The brand has just presented a technology that should make some of you smile again: the Xiaomi Air Charge . It bears its name rather well and it will thus allow recharging a smartphone wirelessly and remotely.

The technology in question takes the form of a fairly massive white rectangular block that will be placed on your desk or a sideboard.

Xiaomi Air Charge Remote Wireless Charging
The Xiaomi Mi Air, a technology of the future?

Once in place and powered up, the block will be able to supply electricity to all compatible devices placed around it.

Xiaomi relies on remote wireless charging

Xiaomi does not want to limit itself to one type of product in particular. While the Xiaomi Mi Air Charge will of course be compatible with smartphones, it can also restore color to the batteries of other devices such as watches, bracelets or even wireless headphones.

More interestingly, if the brand's press release is to be believed, then the station will be able to feed products within a radius of several meters, even if these are placed behind other objects.

No drop in load will also be expected and the station will be able to generate a power of 5W, a power equivalent to that of the first wireless charging stations.

5W power and health questions

Xiaomi obviously does not give all the details, but the brand explains that its technology is based on the transmission of energy. The station developed by the company is thus accompanied by five antennas that can detect the location of the smartphone. Then, thanks to a phase control network made up of 144 antennas, the station can transmit millimeter waves to the device to be charged.

For now, no compatibility has been announced and it seems that the Xiaomi Mi 11 does not support this techno.

The concept is appealing, but we are not about to take advantage of it. Xiaomi has not put forward any date yet, but it seems unlikely that the Air Charge dock will be released this year. The technology will indeed have to be approved upstream by the usual health organizations.

For the manufacturer, in any case, its technology represents the future and it has the advantage of being able to be declined in all sauces. It remains to be seen what impact such a product can have on health.

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