Xiaomi electric toothbrush for 7 €

Xiaomi is also concerned about our oral health and the company has been marketing electric toothbrushes for several years now. The Mijia T100 is one of them and it will cost you € 7 with the code B5C89F1039153000 if you order it from Gearbest .

The toothbrush is of course sold new (it's better) and it comes with all its usual accessories. It is also available in three colors: white, blue or pink. Shipments will be from China and shipments will start within the next four weeks.

Xiaomis Electric Toothbrush For 7 E
Xiaomi's electric toothbrush is on sale

Be careful, the code set up with a limited number of activations and it can therefore crash after a while.

Xiaomi's electric toothbrush at a knockdown price

Xiaomi's electric toothbrush is based on a form factor similar to that of all products of the same type. It therefore consists of a handle on which sits a button and a brush.

By pressing the button, the toothbrush will kick in and the brush head will start to vibrate.

A timer is integrated. Each brushing will last 2 minutes and the toothbrush will be able to alert you every 30 seconds so that you remember to change zones. Functions that are usually found on slightly more expensive toothbrushes.

The toothbrush is of course equipped with a battery and its brush head has been approved by the FDA. The lack is covered with a non-slip texture to ensure the best possible grip.

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