Xiaomi launches its Mi Air 13 in Spain and may soon turn to France

Xiaomi could make people happy again in the coming months. The Chinese giant, which recently opened its first store in France, has just marketed the very nice Mi laptop Air 13 in Spain . An ultra portable largely inspired by the MacBook of the Apple firm, but which benefits – Xiaomi obliges – from a price positioning defying all competition. At least in its Chinese version.

Until now the Mi Air 13 was only accessible in France through sites specializing in import (such as Gearbest for example). And if the device took advantage of a slashed price at these e-merchants, it had to do with the little hassles caused by a machine designed exclusively for the Chinese market (Qwerty keyboard, Chinese version of Windows, etc.). Through this launch in Spain, it is an arrival in France that we can reasonably hope for in the coming weeks.

Xiaomi launches its Mi Air 13 in Spain and may soon turn to France

The Chinese Xiaomi now offers its famous Mi Air 13 on the Spanish market. More interestingly, the firm could very soon market its laptops throughout Europe.

Be careful, however, as VAT and localization costs are required this time, the prices will not be the same. The Mi Air 13 with an Intel Core i5-8250U, 8 GB of DDR4 and 256 GB of SSD is currently offered in Spain for 899 euros. It's more than going through the import, but that remains honest as long as we compare the bugger to the machine from which he is inspired: the MacBook Air 13.

Mi laptop Air 13 vs MacBook Air 13: quite a painful confrontation for Apple

Still sold at 1349 euros in its Core i5 version / 8 GB of RAM / 256 GB of storage, the aging Macbook Air 13 (which has not benefited from a notable refresh in recent years) is struggling to compare with its Chinese rival in terms of components.

The Apple terminal is thus adorned with a 5th generation Core i5-5350U (on its official website, Apple is also very delicately not to specify the precise reference of the CPU. Look for the error …) against a 8th generation processor on the Mi Air 13. The Asian laptop is also accompanied by a dedicated graphics chip from Nvidia (the Geforce MX150), while the MacBook Air is content for its part with the graphics circuit integrated into the processors of Intel.

The advantage, however, will go to Apple in terms of design and assembly quality. Because if in the matter Xiaomi is very strong with its terminal, it must be admitted that the Cupertino company is still largely ahead of this side. It remains to be seen whether this will be enough to convince the barge to invest 450 euros more in a less efficient machine… and also equipped with an old-fashioned panel of only 1440 x 900 pixels (against Full HD at Xiaomi).

According to Tech Carving , the Chinese manufacturer plans to market its laptops throughout the European market during this month of July.

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