Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro: the Chinese alternative to the MacBook Pro

Xiaomi obviously has more ideas. The Chinese manufacturer indeed presented a little earlier this morning a new powerful laptop, the Mi Notebook Pro .

Xiaomi has considerably diversified its offer since the creation of the company in 2010. If the latter has for a long time been limited to the smartphone sector, it now has many different products in its catalog and it sells connected bracelets, drones , action cameras and even electric scooters.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro The Chinese Alternative To The Macbook Pro

Last year, Xiaomi also launched the very first ultraportable in its history and therefore the Mi Notebook Air.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro: a slick design and an interesting technical sheet

The machine met with some success and quickly established itself in Asian markets. Building on this success, the manufacturer therefore wanted to put the cover back by tackling a slightly more premium segment this time through this famous Mi Notebook Pro.

The machine has indeed in its sights the very last MacBook Pro Retina and it thus displays exceptional finishes with a beautiful aluminum frame and a slab surrounding by thin borders.

Relatively heavy, it reaches 2 kg on the scale and it is therefore a little more massive than its direct competitor since the latter tops out at around 1.8 kg for the model with a 15-inch screen.

The keyboard is quite large and it seems very comfortable to use. Xiaomi also had the good idea to equip it with a backlighting system in order to satisfy the most night owls of its fans. The touchpad offers good clearance and it even hides a Windows Hello compatible fingerprint reader in its upper right corner.

On the other hand, and unlike the MacBook Pro Retina, the computer does not have a touch bar above the keyboard.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro The Chinese Alternative To The Macbook Pro 1

An ultra attractive selling price

For the technical part, the user will have the choice between several different configurations and he can thus opt for an Intel Core i5 or an Intel Core i7 coupled to 8 or 16 GB of RAM, with an SSD that can reach a maximum capacity of 1 TB.

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is also entitled to a GeForce MX150 and a unified cooling system covering its processor, RAM and graphics circuit.

Xiaomi also highlighted the generous connectivity of its machine. There, we find two USB Type-C ports, a micro SD card reader, an HDMI output, two USB ports and a headphone jack. Of course, the Chinese brand could not resist the temptation to compare the connection of its machine to that of the MacBook Pro Retina.

The battery reaches a capacity of 60 Wh and it will only need 35 minutes to be recharged to half of its capacity.

But the real strength of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is its price since the base model will be offered at 5599 yuan and therefore at around € 715… against only € 900 for the high-end model. The brand did not give any release date, however, or even the target markets. However, it would be surprising if this machine leaves the Chinese borders… at least not without going through the import box.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro The Chinese Alternative To The Macbook Pro 2Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro The Chinese Alternative To The Macbook Pro 3

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