Xiaomi's connected Rubik's Cube at 25 €

Xiaomi is a hugely prolific manufacturer, one that doesn't just stick with smartphones. It has indeed countless products in its catalog, sometimes with real UFOs like this connected Rubik's Cube offered at 25 € with the code G5F5D8E265D53001 and shipping from France .

The Magic Cube will indeed be shipped from the brand's French warehouses, for delivery in 10 or 15 days maximum. Shipments will start February 1 and the product is sold new.

Xiaomis Connected Rubiks Cube At 25 E
Xiaomi's Magic Cube

Be careful, stocks are very limited and the code set up will work a given number of times.

Xiaomi's Magic Cube on sale

Xiaomi's Magic Cube looks like two drops of water like the venerable Rubik's Cube. Like him, it therefore consists of six colored faces, faces that you will have to recompose after having mixed them – otherwise it would be far too easy.

Built to last, the product also has the particularity of being connected.

It thus embeds a communication module and it will therefore be possible to connect it to a smartphone. To do what ? Quite simply to benefit from assistance and to be able to train. The Magic Cube indeed has an educational role and it will thus improve your performance and help you better understand how the famous toy works.

So, if you've never been able to complete a Rubik's Cube and if you don't understand a word of the tutorials available on the web, then this product should be of great interest to you.

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