You should no longer use QuickTime on Windows

QuickTime came to the Macintosh in the early 90s before releasing to Windows a year later. Apple actually wanted to offer its reader to as many people as possible to promote its adoption, but the brand's strategy ended in a bitter failure. Yes, and she is fully aware of this since she has decided not to offer updates for her player on the Microsoft operating system.

This goes for the new functions of the solution, but also for the security fixes and the whole problem is there eventually.

You Should No Longer Use Quicktime On Windows

If you have a Windows computer then it is best to stop using QuickTime.

Christopher Budd, manager at Trend Micro, asked his experts to take a very serious look at the Windows version of QuickTime to determine if it met the security standards.

Two critical flaws discovered in Windows version of QuickTime

Specialists then realized that there were two critical flaws, flaws allowing malicious people to execute malware on a machine by relying either on a corrupted web page or on modified media.

Trend Micro then released a report hoping to shake things up but Apple declined to comment on these findings.

It is important to note that the apple firm is not the first to do this. All publishers are on an equal footing in this area and this also applies to Microsoft, which has ended support for its old operating systems and its old browsers.

Faced with the situation, the American authorities therefore recommend that Windows users immediately remove the software from their machine (s) to avoid infections. The good side of the thing is that there is no shortage of alternatives and the most popular of all is hands down… VLC .

In the meantime, apple eaters can take their breath away, because QuickTime is always updated on OS X. And at the same time, the opposite would have been surprising, right?

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