You will finally be able to use iMessage on Android

Beeper might just be the app everyone has been waiting for. The tool, which works like an aggregator, will indeed allow you to bring together all your messaging in one place… and also benefit from the essential iMessage on Android.

If you have friends who own an iPhone, then you might be fed up with them spending their days chatting with each other while you're there in front of WhatsApp, waiting for one of them. remembers your dismal existence.

You Will Finally Be Able To Use Imessage On Android
Beeper, a meta-messaging

And good news, now you can finally participate in their exchanges without having to buy an iPhone.

Beeper, a meta-messaging for all platforms

Beeper's mission is to help you streamline your exchanges by bringing them all together in one place. No need, therefore, to run on WhatsApp to read the family's messages, then jump on Instagram to take note of your fans' requests, and then switch back to Skype, Facebook Messenger, IRC or even Twitter to answer any questions you may have. your relatives or that your collaborators could ask you.

All these exchanges, all these conversations, will finally be centralized in one and the same place: Beeper.

In any case, this is what the publisher of the application promises. According to him, Beeper should indeed be seen as a messaging meta-solution and the tool will therefore allow you to aggregate all the exchanges you hold on all these platforms in one place.

iMessage on Android yes, but under certain conditions

The platforms, in fact, the solution supports a lot. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are part of it, as well as Facebook Messenger. But that's not all. The tool also works with Telegram, WhatsApp, Slack, Signal, Discord, Hangouts and even with this good old IRC which accompanied us for quite a few years in the early days of the web.

And then there's iMessage. There, it must be admitted, it's a real surprise, but Beeper will also give you access to Apple's messaging, even if you don't have an iPhone or iPad.

Finally, this is not entirely correct. For the system to work, the user must have an Apple device that will act as a gateway to Apple's installations. Here, you have two choices if you have neither iPhone nor iPad: use a Mac connected to the Internet or ask the company to send you… a jailbroken iPhone.

Beeper has indeed prepared several iPhone 4s to act as a gateway and to allow people who have neither Mac nor iPhone to use iMessage on the solution. At least under certain conditions.

Unity through conversations

The best part is that behind, a real unity emerges from the application. All conversations use the same color codes, with neat and refined visuals. Which will undoubtedly be a good thing for those who, like me, have always found the WhatsApp interface too aging.

Beeper obviously does not work by magic. The solution is based on a system which makes it possible to create bridges between the tool and all the messaging solutions mentioned above. All this while keeping the encryption on the platforms that use it.

Beeper is available on iOS and Android, of course, but also on macOS, Windows and Linux. Everyone can therefore benefit from it. On our side, we are going to install it on a test device and we will therefore probably soon have to talk about it again.

Note that the application is only available on registration for the moment, and places seem to be expensive. We will therefore probably have to wait a little before everyone can take advantage of it.

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