Your next MacBook charger might be smaller soon

The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are pretty thin and fairly compact machines, but the same is clearly not the case with their charger. Very imposing, the latter hardly goes unnoticed and it therefore also tends to take up a lot of space when slipped into the bottom of the backpack or satchel.

But that could change very soon, at least if we believe the information from the Digitimes site.

Your next MacBook charger might be smaller soon

According to our colleagues, Apple would indeed intend to switch its next generation to GaN chargers.

GaN, a material that has only advantages

If you are not familiar with the term, then be aware that the letters GaN actually refer to gallium nitride. This material is not new, it was widely used in the 90s, especially in the LED lighting sector.

Subsequently, it began to be used in the composition of semiconductors and, in this case, chargers.

An evolution that is ultimately quite logical. GaN has many advantages, starting with better control of heat. The material actually releases much less and it therefore makes it possible to bring together the components present inside our loader units… and by extension to reduce their size.

More compact and powerful chargers for the next MacBook Air and MacBook Pro?

But that's not the only advantage of GaN. This material also allows electric current to pass more quickly through the components that use it, which in turn translates into a much faster transfer of energy.

As you will have understood, GaN only has advantages and it would ultimately be logical for the apple brand to end up turning to new material. A material that would allow it to reduce the dimensions of our chargers while optimizing the charging of our MacBook Airs and our MacBook Pros, like the one under M1 that we were able to test for several weeks .

Still, at this stage, it is just a rumor, a rumor coming from obscure suppliers. We will therefore have to wait a little longer before knowing whether Apple will really turn to this material.

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