Zoom wants to make your experience more fun

Zoom launches a new feature. This gives the user the impression of being in the same room as his interlocutors.

Zoom is arguably one of the big winners from the Covid-19 pandemic. Repeated lockdowns and social distancing have multiplied the number of users of the platform. The software has served and continues to do so elsewhere. It enabled employees to maintain corporate communication within the framework of teleworking. Zoom has also become essential in the field of distance education, in addition to being useful for keeping in touch with loved ones. With 477 million downloads, the application was the fifth most downloaded software platform in 2020.

Zoom wants to make your experience more fun

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Zoom has an interest in capitalizing on this dynamic. This is why it recently announced the deployment of the Immersive View feature, which should allow it to get closer to the competition. Indeed, Skype and Microsoft Teams already have such a function.

Immersive View, a new background option

This new feature can make it seem like a video conference is really taking place in an office. It can indeed give the illusion of a real reunion. Zoom announced this new option during its Zoomtopia conference. It is already available for free and paid accounts.

Immersive View relies on virtual background options, which Zoom already has. The feature focuses on placing participants in a realistic location. It can be activated from the same menu where the Speaker and Gallery views are located.

Zoom will automatically place participants in a variety of integrated virtual rooms. These range from a simple office to an auditorium or conference room. The host of the videoconference can also place his interlocutors manually.

Up to 25 participants with Immersive View

The new feature supports up to 25 participants. There are more personalization options for calls with a smaller number of participants.

In addition, a number on each background thumbnail lets you know how many people the stage can accommodate. Zoom recommends the Gallery view for meetings with more than 25 participants. Finally, be aware that to take advantage of this new feature, you will need to update the mobile application as well as the desktop version of the application.

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