Zotac unveils new mini PC for gamers

Because playing on a PC is often synonymous with having a big machine at home that takes up all the space under the desk, several manufacturers have been working in recent years to launch ultra-compact computers, with configurations to make bicycles pale. the most voluminous. This is particularly the case of MSI, Asus or Alienware, but not only. The Chinese manufacturer Zotac has indeed launched into this activity and has just reiterated its commitment in the field by unveiling a new mini PC for gamers : the Mek1.

With this new terminal , the Hong-Kong-based firm marks a break with the very conventional looks of its previous mini PCs, the Zbox and Zbox Magnus, to titillate the competition with a device adopting a more stylized silhouette.

Zotac unveils new mini PC for gamers

The Hong Kong brand of computer components Zotac has just lifted the veil on a new mini PC designed especially for gamers: the Mek1…

If the allure of the bugger (offered in two color variants depending on the configuration chosen) will not appeal to everyone, we have to admit that it refers more to a machine mounted for the game than its predecessors. Now it remains to address the question of what is in his stomach, and from this side you will see that all is well.

An attractive size / performance ratio

This is obviously the credo of this kind of machine, and without renewing the existing concept, Zotac offers here two relatively muscular configurations given the size of its new PC.

In a chassis 41.4 cm long, 39.3 cm high and 11.8 cm wide, the Mek1 indeed manages to offer a first version, “mid-range”, articulated around a Core i5- 7400, 16 GB of RAM and a GTX 1060 (6 GB VRAM model), a 240 GB NVMe SSD and a 1 TB HDD. Enough to run the latest games in good conditions in Full HD.

To push the levels of detail to the bottom and / or to focus on higher resolutions (1440p in the lead), it will however be necessary to favor the purchase of the “high-end” version of the Zotac PC, this time equipped with a duo Core i7-7700 (non-overclockable) and a Geforce GTX 1070 Ti (the rest of the configuration being identical from one version to another).

Note that if no launch date or price list is specified, the manufacturer nevertheless indicates that a mouse pad, the mouse that goes with it, as well as a mechanical keyboard will be provided by default with the Mek1.

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