ZT-ZA (ex Download Zone) still changes address

ZT-ZA announces a new domain name change. Exit from now on .com, the site will now be combined with .net.

In its press release, a press release posted when the old domain name was loaded, the team broadly justifies this change by a question of survival. She explains in fact having trouble with Google and "copiers" while explaining that she has no real choice.

Zt Za Ex Download Zone Still Changes Address
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More surprisingly, this change of domain is also accompanied by a change of strategy.

ZT-ZA, the heir to Zone-Downloads, changes its domain name

In the same press release, the team explains wanting to distinguish itself from copy sites and want to purify all the problems encountered by loyal visitors. In particular, it mentions overly intrusive ads, popups and connection problems.

To improve this user experience, it is therefore announcing the closure of the three previous sites that belonged to it and in particular the one devoted to the distribution of streaming content. Henceforth, all these sites will therefore redirect to the same domain, namely ZT-ZA.net.

The team does not stop there and it also promises to put together the most “pleasant” site possible. However, it also warns its visitors that the new domain name risks being blocked at the DNS level, a procedure widely used by rights holders.

If you do not yet know the process, it is indeed a question of placing pirate sites on a blacklist directly integrated into the operators' DNS. Once the domain of a site is registered on this famous list, the subscribers of the operator can no longer access it.

A change that is not the first and will not be the last

A radical process, therefore, but which can be very easily bypassed. To break this blockage, it suffices to go through other DNS, a change that takes place directly in the network parameters.

So of course, this change of domain is not very surprising and all pirate sites are used to opting for a similar strategy in order to bypass blockages, but also to move up a little in the SERPs of search engines. .

Because contrary to what one might think, DMCA takedown requests work well. We saw it again last week, but many pirate sites saw their traffic crumble in 2020 following the filters and algorithm changes put in place throughout the year by the American giant.

And at the end of last year, it was the former administrator of the Time2Watch site who revealed valuable information on the subject, explaining in particular that the DMCA withdrawal requests had resulted in large drops in traffic on his site.


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