Zxxxxz review 2017 price in 2021

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Zxxxxz review 2017

Zxxxxz is a new horror anthology with a gender twist – all segments will be helmed by female directors and will star female leads. The directors have been given free creative rein within budget and time constraints, but all of the segments themselves will involve the horror genre.

I don’t know where to begin with my thoughts on this anthology. I would more or less refer to them as proof of concept ideas that filmmakers give to production companies.

Zxxxxz Review 2017 Price In 2021
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The first concept ‘The Box’ started creatively enough with the mystery of a boy seeing “something” in a box and then it went no where. This wasn’t horror, it wasn’t scary, and it came across like it was alluding to a message that I couldn’t decipher. It does remain true to the Jack Ketchum short story of the same name, but it failed to capture the narrative style the book delivers. If they retold the story from the mother’s POV I would add another star to my review, but she’s a background character until the very end. Disappointing.

Don’t Fall’ was a straight forward horror genre without any real content. It seemed to be making fun of such stories rather than trying to be plot or character driven. It was as derivative as most”monster chasing a girl” movies can be and just as lifeless. Terrible acting, no pacing and not even a claustrophobic element with the small camper. It’s like the director didn’t want the job or didn’t bother trying.

‘Her Only Living Son’ was actually the closest to being watchable. It was this short that helped keep it above 1 star for me. The plot was … conventional … is a kind word. The acting was sub-par, but I did like Kyle Allen as Andy. I thought this could have been broader and more illusive about the surprise mystery. It’s a clichéd tale (probably should say a throwback) from 1970’s flicks based on devil-worship. I never liked those things. It’s just people acting creepy or weird and I’m certain today’s audiences are fully desensitized by their nightly news to give 2 cents about this garbage.

‘The Birthday Party’ would be better listed as a dark-comedy. I didn’t like it at all. Don’t know what else to say about it, but it was a waste of time. I wanted to find hidden meanings behind what was happening and I kept expecting something to relate with. It delivers nothing. This isn’t even something to share over a campfire.

All in all; I wish I had paid attention to the warnings of other reviewers. Because the focus was on women directors, I didn’t want any negative influence from misogyny or patriarchal leanings. I watched with all the hope in the world and it was very disappointing.

Taglines: Four deadly tales by four killer women

Official Sites: Official Facebook Zxxxz fans
Country: Canada | USA | Mexico
Language: English
Release Date: 17 February 2017 (USA) 

Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Box Office
Opening Weekend USA: $6,222, 19 February 2017
Gross USA: $30,911
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:  $55,668


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Zxxxxz review 2017 price

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