Without a job in 2022 but still i make money

How to make money without a job in 2022: Making Money Without a Job

Side hustles allow you to earn money outside of a 9-5 job. Here are the most OK gig economy jobs for career changers or part-time workers.

Delivering meals provides you greater flexibility than working in a restaurant.

You may examine an order request’s pay before accepting it. You may earn $20 an hour plus tips.

DoorDash has the most restaurant partners in cities.

To deliver by car, scooter, or bike, you must be 18 and have no priors. Also, your order will be protected with an insulated bag.

Alternative if you live near many restaurants and can safely deliver the customer’s lunch.


How to make money without a job in 2022 details

How to make money without a job in 2022 details

 Brief details about 20 genius ways to make money without a job:

How to make steady money without a job: Jobless may earn money. If a 9-to-5 work isn’t for you, there are other ways to make money. Flexible side jobs or freelance work may be the solution. Others may profit from valuable hobbies.

Our services encompass students, entrepreneurs and unemployed people.

We pay for our thoughts on anything from beauty items to politics.

Market research includes sponsored surveys and focus groups. Express an opinion on medicine, or medical treatments are common in medical research, from basic research to clinical trials and studies. If you choose to participate in medical research, be informed of the hazards.

Each opportunity has a different price – some pay in points, others in cash or gift cards.
2. Be a VA

The organism is in your DNA. Everyone needs admin assistance. Email, bookkeeping, and social media are handled remotely by a virtual assistant.

Employed as a virtual assistant may provide flexibility at a low cost. predicts that virtual assistants will earn $19 per hour in the US by 2022.
Notate et transcrivez

Transcriptionists record audio and video. This work may fit a perfectionist. However, the constant practice may always enhance speed.

An hourly transcriptionist makes $17 on

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How to make money without a job in 2022 insights

How to make money everyday without a job  insights

Tricks about how to make money without a job in 2022

Tricks about How to make money without a job in 2022

 How to make money without a job in 2022  step by step:


E-commerce vendors have alternatives. The first step is to pick what to sell – old clothes, appliances, or furniture?

Choose a top-selling site Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

house sit

Want to get paid to keep a watch on a property? Rent a home. People employ housekeepers to care about their property while they are abroad. Cleaning, organizing, pet care, and more may be included.

You set your hours, clientele, and rates. Choose to housesit locally or worldwide with free travel.

Start with housesitter websites like and The experience may be worth the annual payments. Subscriptions are $99/year and are free. Applications, housesitting ads, and chatting are all free.
Web reviews

Many firms take client feedback seriously and use it to improve operations. Consumers will be paid for significant product and service reviews. Survey and research websites are often used to distribute surveys and pay reviewers like InboxDollars and Survey Junkie. Amazon, for example, employs both third-party and internal sources.

Others pay for reviews and surveys. User points may be exchanged for cash, gift cards, and prizes.

Make money with your phone 7

A blog may make money in various ways. So you may start selling advertisements, courses, e-books and other products on your site. You’ll probably need a huge following to make money blogging.

But as a blogger, you establish your schedule, create your content, and choose your partners.

Learn more about blogging for money.

Make money streaming video games on Twitch. Recent years have seen an increase in gaming. Gamers’ earnings and success differ. There is still profit in the billion-dollar business.

Begin live streaming full-time or part-time now. Find out how to make money on Twitch.
9. Goods

Good photos aren’t only for social media. Sell your photos on Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Upwork, and Fiverr. You can also gain clients without third-party websites.

Invest in picture processing software like Adobe Photoshop instead of a camera.


How to make money without a job in 2022

How to make money without a job in 2022

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make money without a job in 2022?

How to make a living without working a 9 to 5 job: a pet

Many people would pay top dollar to have their pets well-cared-for while abroad. Sign up with Rover or Fetch. Introduce yourself locally and create a clientele. Even yet, predicts an hourly pay of $12.

A freelancer is someone who can write, design, or code. Companies and individuals use freelancers for specific tasks.

Fiverr and Upwork are freelance marketplaces. Then use social media, email, and word of mouth to promote your services. says the average freelancer makes $21.

Freelancer salary varies by industry, customer, schedule, and economic climate.
Publish a podcast

It’s simple to get started in a billion-dollar industry. Edison Research reports a 17% increase in podcast listeners since 2020.

Learn how to monetize your podcast as it grows.
Rideshare training

A popular method to travel and make money is ridesharing. If you have time and like meeting new people, consider ridesharing.

Become an Uber or Lyft driver. Look at Via, for example. Regional rideshare driver pay varies. See rideshare driver salary by area at

You may also deliver food for Uber Eats or DoorDash.

Instead of a job, tutoring may be an excellent method to make money.

Learn how to start a tutoring business and how to market it. You may teach at a school or home. According to Indeed, the average US teacher makes $25/hour. Rental item

Rent your stuff to make money. Clothing and other items may also be leased.

Consider renting a camera for your home. A site may focus on one kind of rental. When it comes to renting camera gear, KitSplit is the best option. Create many listings on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

How to make money without a job in 2022 essential info

How to make money without a job in 2022 essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

How to make money without ID: Apps and the internet make it easier than ever to make money without a job. You won’t become wealthy, but you may earn money and pay your bills.

Whatever your financial situation, don’t overlook easy money-making projects. Nobody knows how long a revenue stream will last.


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Make money in the summer – teenager version

How to make money in the summer as a kid: Fraser Doherty, 14, invented a 100% fruit jam recipe. In March 2007, Fraser began distributing SuperJam to Waitrose, a UK retail chain.

Fraser is now a millionaire at the age of 20 because of SuperJam.

Not every kid will be lucky like Fraser. But starting a business is fun and develops life skills. Oh, and don’t forget a thriving business’s cash flow.

Learn how to generate money as a child in the categories listed below.
Teaching Young Children Work Value

If your child is 6 to 10, they may not be ready to work outside the home. Parents may still teach their children the value of work and earning money.

Here are some kid-friendly jobs. These duties go beyond the kids’ daily tasks. See why kids need unpaid daily chores: Paying Kids to Do Chores.



How to make money in the summer as a kid details

How to make money in the summer as a kid details

 Brief details about how to make money as a kid at home:

how can a 12 year old make money during quarantine: Summer is the hottest season. The summer solstice features the earliest sunrise and sunset, longest daylight hours, and shortest dark hours. Summer begins at different times across the world. In the Northern Hemisphere, summer is winter.

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How to make money in the summer as a kid insights

how to make money as a 10 year old  insights

Tricks about how to make money in the summer as a kid

Tricks about How to make money in the summer as a kid

 How to make money in the summer as a kid  step by step:

Older Kids Making Money

Paying for extra duties may not be enough beyond ten or twelve. Aside from their parents, kids need to establish their own businesses.

Starting a firm needs basic business abilities. Know this:

It’s a win-win situation (i.e., if people want to buy it).
– How to manage expenditures and income and determine the firm’s performance

Parents may educate their kids about business or purchase a book for kids on how to establish a business and make money:


How to make money in the summer as a kid

How to make money in the summer as a kid

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make money in the summer as a kid?

how can a 9 year old make money fast: Inventing a Business

When kids want to establish a business outside the home, they need a plan. Listed below are kid-friendly small business ideas.
Creativity Can Earn Cash

They may make money in different ways. Musicians, painters, sewers, and craftspeople all crave creative expression.

Here are some unique ways for kids to earn money:


Inexperienced musicians may dread practicing. Having an older mentor may help.
You can teach music to young children if you know an instrument well.
• Form a rock band or quartet with additional musicians:
– Perform at a birthday celebration for children or teenagers.


The production of pet toys is a significant business. Pet toys are always in demand.
It’s never too late to create scrunchies!
The upcycling trend is growing. Here are some upcycling ideas.
– Design new American Girl clothing:
– Be a Fashion Designer: Design your own clothing. This information may help you break into the fashion business.


Marketing your art: Click here to discover more.
Made stationery for Etsy and other online markets.
Sold in local markets, shops, and online stores like Etsy.

Kids Craft:

Kids gather friendship bracelets and look for unique designs.
-Make jewelry: Jewelry comes in many forms. Do some market research before designing.
Now you can sell printed t-shirts online using Printful and Printify.
Knit hats and scarves Winter items with personality.
– T-shirts: Too many? No! Sale online, in markets, or stores.
– Lip balm: It’s easy to make. Learn how to make lip balm at home.
– Decorate food or storage tins: Great holiday crafts.
Decorations may be made from several materials.
– DIY gift wrap: Decorate using craft paper and stamps.
– Make a party décor kit: Assemble kits for different occasions to decorate.
– If you can work with wood, build bird feeders/houses.
– Keychains: Everyone needs one! The materials and styles for keychains are endless.

How to make money in the summer as a kid essential info

How to make money in the summer as a kid essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

how to make money as a 11 year-old in quarantine: A Paper Route

Although the newspaper is no longer widely distributed, it allows students to earn money.

You may distribute papers early in the morning if you can’t work all day. Check with your local publication.

Online teaching employment can help those with mobility challenges.

Making money today is simple. Making extra money doesn’t imply your kid has to work at a minimum wage job.

Knowing your child’s strengths and weaknesses might help them learn new abilities and develop their talents.


Detailed video explaining the ‘the summer as a kid’ method:


Jalopy make money ideas in 2022

How to make money in jalopy: Excalibur Games developed and published Jalopy. Assemble a Laika (based on the Trabant 601) and drive it from East Berlin to Turkey with their uncle.


How to make money in jalopy details

How to make money in jalopy details

 Brief details about jalopy money cheat:

jalopy how to smuggle: Roadside boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Items for sale in towns and at gas stations. Some boxes are padlocked; a crowbar may be bought in town.

Route and nation affect prices. Things cheap in Germany may be quite precious in CSFR. The more you sell, the more you’ll understand a reasonable price for each item and whether to sell right away or hang out for a higher offer. You’ll be affluent in no time. Assure you have nothing illegal in the country you’re entering.

When shady, you may sell items from the start. Rubber is $20, gas is $10, and the jack is $5.

Stop, McKillem said. Prices vary. The wines went for 90, 0, and 40 Marks. The contents of each box and crate vary.

Do not open them on the roadway since they are ungradable. If the boot or your hands are full, carry it. Keep in mind that you may still hold three items at the door and pick them up before driving.

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How to make money in jalopy insights

jalopy item prices  insights

Tricks about how to make money in jalopy

Tricks about How to make money in jalopy

 How to make money in jalopy  step by step:

Gas stations and Outershops sell Condition 1/3 components.

The first step is to find the Wallet. This item is located in the glove box on the car’s passenger side.

Everyone must bring their Wallet to a sales counter to purchase or sell. Clicking the counter either adds or subtracts money. Dropping it puts it in the glove box.

Avoid putting it in the trunk or rack. Whether you lose it, check those spots to see if you put it there.

A Gas Pump icon displays on your map for trips above 210 kilometers. The 210 km trip looks to use up all your gas.


How to make money in jalopy

How to make money in jalopy

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make money in jalopy?

jalopy how to sell: Gas stations enable you to buy goods for your vacation while filling up your tank. You may not always find what you seek in stock.

A Gas Station may also sell nearly anything.

It is impossible to exit a gas station without paying the attendant. Pushing the lever may assist if you paid and the gates are locked. Maybe you returned something to check the pricing, but the game missed it.

The Outershop is a Gas Station. Unlike the Gas Station, you may deposit your loot here. Visiting an Outershop requires an overnight stay in a Border Town.
Laika HQ

These are only found in Border Towns, like the Outershop. These shops sell Laika upgrades. All save the tires are available as accessories.

Upgrade your Laika’s performance if you have the finances. These upgrades may be costly, so you’ll need to find a way to pay for them.
Making Money

Selling items generate revenue. Not flawless components may be offered at the specified price. On the road are cardboard and wood containers.

These containers hold items of varying value. Just cardboard boxes to start. Gently click the packing tape. Moving the box will help.

The package includes items that may be unlawful. A Gas Station or an Outershop if the selling price is not 0.00. These items vary in size and freight space requirements. So choose and choose.

The same as cardboard but need a tool to open. For the Outershop, a crowbar is more likely to be located atop a car jack.

How to make money in jalopy essential info

How to make money in jalopy essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

jalopy out of money: Methods Now

The Chop Shop Method is a simple and efficient way to generate money fast. This requires a saving or a restart. But not the Laika’s door.

So you may create your Laika, drive to a Gas Station or Outershop, and then remove everything except two tires. After the attendant pays you, choose Restart from the Escape Menu to restart.

Replicate. But it would help if you constructed your Laika each time. However, engine components may pay out handsomely. It becomes harder as you tune your Laika’s engine.

So you sell car jacks, jerry cans, oil bottles, and toolboxes instead of components. So you sell your items at a gas station or an Outershop before going on.

Using the Chop Shop Method will wear out your components if you don’t replace them at home.

3) Item Hunting — This technique starts with a Laika stripped-down and a long journey. On the Autobahn or tiny side roads, keep an eye on the right side of the road. You’re searching for abandoned boxes. Initially cardboard, then wood with the crowbar.

Although it heavily depends on the Random Number God, this strategy is the most profitable. Upon completion, this is how the game will earn money. Cons: Limited storage and component wear.

Off the Autobahn, you’ll need more petrol to prevent getting trapped.

This strategy also uses the groundhog effect to your benefit. One uses wine. Until a route is developed, trade item costs are unknown.

Wine is now the most volatile. It might be cheap or pricey. Suppose you find cheap wine on the road or at a shop. Renew your routes till you get the best price for your wine.

When you restart, stolen items are deleted.


Detailed video explaining the ‘jalopy’ method:


Kentucky money making ideas in 2022

How to make money in kentucky: Kentucky is a river state with the Appalachian Mountains in the southern US. The Kentucky Derby is held at Churchill Downs on the first Saturday in May. The Kentucky Derby Museum hosts a two-week carnival every year.


How to make money in kentucky details

How to make money in kentucky details

 Brief details about in demand jobs kentucky:

wave 3 news anchor salary: My money ideas came from going from New York suburbs to rural Kentucky. Other sparsely populated areas in America. Being from Kentucky, I’ll utilize examples there.

Jobs are few in the city but much scarcer in the countryside. Rural residents earn more than city dwellers.

How can individuals make money outside of cities? Other options exist outside farming.

Manufacturing jobs are often seasonal and require 12-hour shifts. Paid internships may help some, but not enough. Low-paying jobs include waitressing, rapid cooking, marina labor, housekeeping, and farming. They are the most inventive.

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How to make money in kentucky insights

6 figure jobs louisville, ky  insights

Tricks about how to make money in kentucky

Tricks about How to make money in kentucky

 How to make money in kentucky  step by step:

We are resourceful and resilient. It’s given me additional ideas. Money isn’t a luxury, and farmers rely on the weather. Ideas for rural Kentucky.
It is a steady income.

Rural agriculture on a farm or small property is not new. Perhaps the finest way to earn money. They may be used for many things and earn money.

I’ve seen more farmers keeping cattle. Sheep are versatile domesticated animals. Shearing their fur or fleece Sheared wool becomes yarn sold at flea markets or online. Online sellers make sweaters, mittens, and scarves.

Grown for meat and eggs. They are one of the easiest ways to make money for their owners. Small-space chickens provide nutritious eggs, and selling the older ones might be worthwhile.

Goats are second only to cattle in popularity in Kentucky, and the cows provide great milk and meat and are marketed abroad.

Its flesh is sold, and its skins are used to make leather. They are killed when their fleece or hair is ruined. The hooves are also used, and hooves and bones make a tasty gelatin dessert.

There is a pigs feet joke. This is considered a delicacy. Me.


How to make money in kentucky

How to make money in kentucky

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make money in kentucky?

job growth in kentucky: Agritourism

Garden and sell vegetables at the local farmers’ market. Her neighbors had Victory Gardens during WWII, and now they’re back. Thankfully for local markets. Whether a family survives, the winter is uncertain.

Re-canning veggies and fruits These may be profitably sold.

Money-making flowers? Farmers are growing plants for sale in this economy.

Tourists flock to fruit orchards. They like harvesting fruit in the country.
Artisan Center of KY crafted animals.

carved wood animals KY Artisan Center
artisanal support

3. Use wood. Local woodworkers can make better-than-factory things like kitchen cabinetry. Less hassle than a large box shop. Best discovered through recommendation.

If you don’t have a carpentry company, you may sell crafts. Look at Etsy, Artfire, and the Berea State Artisan Center.

Visit the Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea, KY, and support local artisans. A portion of their money goes to rural communities. Without it, many talented craftspeople and artists go unnoticed.

Many women like making quilts as a hobby and a source of money, and men are now making them. Paducah’s Quilt Museum has several wonderful examples. Among the handmade quilts on display are both old and modern. My friends all inherited quilts. You can have a lovely blanket.

How to make money in kentucky essential info

How to make money in kentucky essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

jobs in kentucky usa: Jobs and writing

5. Online writing isn’t as common as you think. More people are using the internet, yet not everyone has one.

A few friends and I do freelance writing and graphic design. Services like Hubpages are gaining popularity among the younger population.

6. Sell unwanted items at a local Swap Shop. The goods for sale astound me every week at two local swap shops.

7. Selling parts of an old vehicle might be more profitable than selling the whole car. Collectors scour Indiana and Ohio barns for vintage, broken cars.

Auctions are common here and may attract several buyers. Experts often auction houses.

Painting, tree trimming, yard mowing, and other odd jobs help the community.

8. Most parents need babysitting as a reliable job. A neighbor, friend, or acquaintance can certainly reasonably babysit 3-4 children.

A class I childcare facility license allows for up to 12 children.

Childcare facilities with over 12 children must have a Type II license. Check with the Kentucky Health and Family Services Cabinet. Find out more about childcare jobs.

It’s big business in this state. To go to work early, low-income parents might use these services.


Detailed video explaining the ‘kentucky’ method:


Pinterest make money in 2022

How to make money in pinterest: Pinterest already uses indirect marketing. But Pinterest isn’t one. There are many methods to make money on the site. Check out our post on making money on Pinterest for more ideas.
Pay to Pin

It is possible to make money on Pinterest. Does Pinterest pay pinners like YouTube? No, but you may still use it to improve your business or personal finances.

Pins are primarily photographs or videos with links to other sites. Those links may teach you how to make money on Pinterest.


How to make money in pinterest details

How to make money in pinterest details

 Brief details about How to make money on Pinterest 2022:

How to make money on Pinterest with Adsense: Using a successful Pinterest strategy is simple. Preparation is key. Now strategize how to get more pinners to your site or another area to earn money. ponder these options
Be a Pinterest VA

Virtual assistants handle users’ accounts, and that’s where your brand comes in. Create a Pinterest account to show off your Pinterest VA talents. Then advertise online or contact local companies.

By pinning related products or services with affiliate links. Other users will be sent to a purchasing site by clicking on your pin. If they do, you receive a cut. Sign up as an affiliate for your favorite companies and mix in relevant content for your audience.
3. Brand Alliance

Promoting firms’ shoppable concept pins is also possible. This method usually requires a large following and traffic. Develop pin pricing and other content monetization strategies.
4. Pinterest Consulting

If you’ve mastered Pinterest, consider mentoring other companies. A visual search engine may help promote your own website. Then advertise to other Pinterest users looking to monetize.
5. Market Your E-Commerce Site

Pinterest may help you sell more tangible things. Pin photos and product URLs, which will boost brand awareness and website traffic.
6. Blog Promotion

Use Pinterest to boost blog traffic. This increases sponsored content and affiliate earnings. The more Pinterest traffic your site gets, the more probable it is to generate money.

     You can read more about pinterest on specified pages.

How to make money in pinterest insights

How to become a Pinterest creator  insights

Tricks about how to make money in pinterest

Tricks about How to make money in pinterest

 How to make money in pinterest  step by step:

Pinterest talents to monetize

Educate yourself using Pinterest. Anything may be pinned and found. You can make origami stars, decorate cakes, and create furniture. You may collect and organize objects as well as see them.

But what if you utilized all the data you collected? Many skills you may learn on Pinterest are marketable.

I went to Pinterest and found these ideas:

– Learn calligraphy and be paid to make signs, write messages, and handle invites.
Knit or crochet hats, scarves, toys, etc. With experience, you may improve your photography and sell it to stock picture sites.

Pinterest is a wealth of knowledge. Consider what you can learn from Pinterest rather than how to profit from it. The good news is that you may utilize Pinterest to resell your goods or services.


How to make money in pinterest

How to make money in pinterest

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make money in pinterest?

Does Pinterest pay you for followers: Co-branding aboard

They are great ways to make money with Pinterest for pinners with a decent following (it’s hard to define since it’s about the quality of each follower). Don’t worry; I have Pinterest development advice at the end of this piece.

Create a Pinterest board for a company and be paid. Earn money by gaining followers and views from individuals interested in your brand or issue.

7. Work with a brand

A pinner works with a company to produce promotional pins. As in, 10 inventive Coca-Cola can reuse ideas or 5 fantastic Airbnb vacation ideas. I’m not sure whether any of those companies work with pinners…

This means you need to be able to create great pins like:

– Pin design – Pin photography

Pinterest recommends the Pin Collective for corporate collaboration.

How to make money in pinterest essential info

How to make money in pinterest essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

How to make money on Pinterest without a blog: TEMPLATE

People use Pinterest to advertise online content and commodities. And specific visuals and design elements work better online. Images with text overlay are popular pins. Use simple picture format in your templates. Easy to add photographs and headlines.

Sell your Pinterest skills to other online business owners for a fee. Create a website and a module-based online course. It may also be used with other marketing or social media.
Making Money on Pinterest

It’s not over until you learn how to make money on Pinterest. You must create content and promote your pins. Use these tips to increase your reach and income.

A focused Pinterest account attracts a devoted following. A DIY, fashion, or home décor writer Find the most delicate phrases using keyword research.
Join Pinterest Now!

The name, description, and links are all customizable. Les mots-clés devraient aider à attract the right If you’re a newbie blogger, share your blogging journey to attract other newbies.
Pinterest SEO

Pinterest’s search box is often used. Use keywords in your pin descriptions. Check out the latest trends.
Examine Your Market

This may impact your website promotion. You may target bloggers, stay-at-home moms, or first-time homeowners. Consider your blog’s niche or your current clientele.
Boost Your Pinterest Following

Pinterest isn’t like other social networking platforms where people follow others. Having more followers increases your chances of being spotted. Encourage people to interact with you and connect to your profile.

A group board enables several users to post. Their consistency has garnered them many supporters. Join them to expand your reach.
Become an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest requires a unique affiliate link, and each of these platforms allows influencers to pin their own referral link.
Pinterest Stats

After creating your Pinterest account, track metrics. Focus on a material that consistently outperforms others.
Make a Webpage

It may help sell physical or digital items. You may make money with ads or affiliate links, and Pinterest generates free traffic.
Pinterest Marketing

Build a following on Pinterest. Consistently connect to your account to get more followers and conversation.
For how many Pinterest followers to make money?

Not a million? No issue. This method may be used by anybody who utilizes affiliate links in their pins or sells items on their own website. Your following and involvement may impact your earnings, and those with a few thousand or more followers are more inclined to collaborate with firms.


Detailed video explaining the ‘pinterest’ method:


How to use hashtags (and make money with it)

It can be hard to run an Instagram account for a business, especially if you are the online voice that connects with customers or audiences. Since there are so many different parts to content marketing, it can be hard to go through lists of hashtags every day when you have a lot to do. As a Social Media Manager, it’s also hard to find the time to use the right hashtag strategy if you don’t yet know how much your account could benefit from using the right hashtags.

Make money hashtags
If you’re reading this and you’re still not sure if hashtags are worth it, let’s quickly go over some of the main reasons you should be using them in 2020.
Why you shouldn’t sleep on hashtags
Hashtags are a great way to increase the return on investment (ROI) of your social media activities by reaching people who might not have heard of your brand otherwise.
Instagram cares a lot about its users’ experiences and wants to show the most relevant content to the right people. Hashtags help Instagram figure out what your account and content are about, so by using good hashtags, you can help Instagram help you.

 Make a simple strategy for using hashtags that is easy to carry out.

When you are just starting out, you want to use a plan that will help you do well. Not something that makes your work harder!
First, make sure you don’t make the mistakes that most people do when they use hashtags.
If you want to get the results you want, you should be in the “top posts” section of a hashtag. This should be your “goal” with every post you make.
To increase your chances of ranking, you should also use hashtags that are the right size for your account and make sense with the content you post.
Use 30 hashtags in every post.
Don’t use flagged or banned hashtags.
Think about where you want to end up.
Second, make your hashtag lists ahead of time and put them in a way that makes it easy to use hashtags when you post.
Start by making a list of hashtags or keywords that are relevant to the type of content you post. Think about what Instagram users would search for if they were looking for content like yours.
Once you have these first lists, it’s time to talk about hashtag strategy, a word we know you’ll love as a social media manager. Connecting your Instagram account to Flick and turning on Suggested Filters is the easiest way to do this. If you don’t already have a Flick account, you can start a 7-day free trial to help you out!


#2: Using branded hashtags to bring more attention to a brand

If you want to build your image beyond your website, ads, or press coverage, one of your best tools is a branded or campaign hashtag. By using a good branded hashtag, you not only create a bank of images that your best customers can add to, but you also give people an easy-to-remember tagline they can use when they talk about your product or service. This is also important if you work with other creators, because it makes it clear that the post they share is part of your campaign. It’s a more subtle way to reach your customers because the people who follow an influencer can look at all the content posted with that hashtag on their own instead of being sent to your page first.
Choose a hashtag that fits well with the name, feel, and tone of the brand you are representing. You can also have fun with campaign hashtags when you release new products or start a new campaign. This makes it easy for people to recognize your brand and connect posts to it.

Hashtags examples

#3: Measure how well your hashtags are doing.

You can also use hashtags to reach more people by taking a look around you. As a social media manager, you probably keep track of competitor accounts to see what other people in your industry or vertical are posting. You can compare how well you are doing based on the hashtags you use the same way you would compare how well you are doing based on the content you post. If an account in your industry has a lot of engagement compared to how many people follow them, try looking at the hashtags they use.
Make a list of some of the most important hashtags you see that also fit with the kind of content you make. You can use these as a starting point for your hashtag research in Flick. The app will then give you suggestions for niche, high-performing hashtags that are specific to your account.

We say this a lot, but it’s important that the hashtags you use make sense with what you’re posting. For example, if you are in charge of social media for a tech company, you want to reach people who are interested in tech. If someone searches for the hashtag “#howtoSEO,” for example, they are looking for resources on Instagram that will help them improve their SEO strategy. Look at the consumer profiles that your team has made and start to think about what those people might search for on Instagram. Think about what it would be like to be them, and use this in your hashtag strategy.
TIP: If you haven’t already, talk to the rest of your marketing team if you haven’t made customer profiles based on your Instagram strategy. Ask them for information about their customers so you can stay on the same page about who you’re trying to reach and make sure your work is helping you reach your bigger goal.
Once you’ve done this, you should have a good idea of where to start with hashtags that are relevant to each post you make.

#4: Being organized is important

As a social media manager, you probably already know how to use excel sheets and calendars to stay organized. The same is true for hashtags. Putting your hashtags into Collections will save you time and make it easier for new people to find you and follow you.
On Flick, you can make Collections of hashtags based on a number of factors. These Collections are easy to find and can be copied and pasted into captions or comments when you want to post. This means that once you’ve done your research and put your hashtag sets in order, you’ll be able to store better hashtags in an app or on your computer.
How you group your hashtags can affect how many people you reach, and our users often make collections in different ways. Some put together collections based on the type of content. For example, if you run a fashion account, you might have different collections of hashtags for menswear, streetwear, and womenswear. If you put your hashtags into sets based on the type of content, make sure that each set has a mix of low competition, medium competition, and high competition hashtags.

Make money hobbies in 2022

Having a hobby is a great way to relax, express ourselves creatively, and even get in better shape.You’ll find out why it’s important to have a hobby and how it might help you advance in your career if you do it!

Hobbies ideas

What’s a hobby?

When we think of leisure activities, many of us first think of city nightlife, festivals, or just plain fun.

On the other hand, a hobby is more than just enjoying the pleasures of the moment.We might say that a hobby is something we do for fun, but it should also help us grow as people and in our careers.

All of these hobbies, whether it’s photography, modern dance, horseback riding, or acting, help to make a person more unique in a balanced way

To put it another way, a lot of successful people spend a lot of time and money on things they like.


The hobbies listed on a CV

Have you ever thought that the things you like to do outside of work could help you get a job? Did you know that putting your favorite hobbies on your resume will make it easier for you to get a job?


Companies are looking for people who can think outside the box and aren’t just “checking boxes,” but who can also be creative and open to new ideas and possibilities.

So, in addition to your professional achievements, you might want to include on your CV any hobbies or interests that could give you an edge over other candidates.

This is even more reason to make sure that at least one of your hobbies has something to do with what you do at work. You have an advantage in the eyes of the employer.

If you’re an architect who also likes to take pictures or paint in your spare time, that’s a great sign that you’re interested in both the technical and artistic parts of your job.

There are also hobbies that have nothing to do with your specialty but look good on a CV.

Most employers want to hire people who are well-balanced and live healthy lives. They don’t want to hire people who say on Monday morning that they are “recovering” from the crazy parties they went to over the weekend. So, if you are active and play a sport, don’t be afraid to put that on your CV.

The saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body” (mens sana in corpore sano) will never go out of style, and it’s good to know that most multinational companies promote a healthy way of life.

You might even be surprised to learn that sometimes important decisions are made at the top management level while people are playing chess or tennis.

So, here are a few examples of hobbies that you can put on your CV and that can help you grow both personally and professionally.

Hobbies by gender

Because everyone is different, everyone will have a hobby that is different from the others. Especially when it comes to gender, it’s clear that women and men will have very different lists of things they like to do.

It’s not impossible, for example, for a woman to like football and a man to like makeup-ull, but in most cases, hobbies are separated by gender.

Here are some hobbies that men and women like to do.

What women do for fun
Even though it’s not always the case, women tend to find ways to relax in the cultural and artistic world. Some of the things that women do for fun are creative workshops, make-up classes, and Latin or modern dance.

Yoga & Pilates

Pilates and yoga classes are popular because they help the body work together in a healthy way and make people feel calm.

In the last two years, women who work from home have been able to shape their bodies by taking online yoga and pilates classes.

This type of sport has become very affordable, as all you need is an isoprene mattress and a light outfit as the bare minimum gear. Many of the women took advantage of this chance and started businesses based on their interests. So this example of a hobby moved from the list of things to do for fun to the list of things that people do for fun all the time.

They then started teaching yoga and pilates classes, and some even opened their own studios and started their own businesses.

Coach  life

And, as we’ve already said, a healthy body also needs a healthy mind. So, life coaching is a second hobby that became more popular in 2020 and 2021.

This type of education has become very easy for anyone to get, whether it’s through acting classes for personal growth or just counseling.

At a time when many people were having trouble figuring out who they were, life coaching was both a way to spend free time and a great way to change careers.

So, many of the women quit their full-time jobs to help other people. In turn, they built new virtual or real-world communities and turned their hobby into a full-time job.

This type of counseling has grown into other areas, like health, beauty, art, lifestyle, and fashion, because there are so many different ways to specialize in it.


Dancing is another activity that most women do, especially in bachata or kizomba classes, but this is not always the case. There are many examples of men who have danced with women as a hobby and then put on a show.

Try any kind of dance if you want to be more girly and sexy. At first, you might feel like you can’t keep up, but over time, the pace will win. Also, this hobby for women will help you lose weight and shape your body better.

Handmade products

Even though this isn’t always the case, making things by hand is often a hobby for women, especially when it comes to things like soap flowers, decorating objects, making soap, or making candles. One of the creative hobbies for women that has come back into style in the past few years is sewing or embroidery.

Hobbies for men

Men are more interested in practical things than women are, so even when they have free time, they look for things to do that will help them at work. So, here’s a list of things that men can do for fun.

Financial education

One of the subjects that gets the least attention in school is financial education. Because of this, a lot of people, especially men, like to do this as a hobby.

Some of the most popular hobbies that can make you money are webinars, specialty books, and networking events where different speakers are invited.


Cycling is one of the most relaxing sports because it gives you a sense of freedom and is an eco-friendly way to get around.

The Washington Area Bicycle Association did a study and found that only 20% of cyclists are women. This is because women are more interested in indoor activities like fitness, pilates, and yoga, while men like to do things outside.

Men also have different metabolisms and changes in hormones, which makes it easier for them to do sports with more cardio.

Fishing and hunting

Even though hunting and fishing aren’t the best ways to make a living, most men find them to be the most relaxing ways to spend their free time.

As was already said, men like to do things outside that are both fun and useful. We can say that hunting and fishing are the oldest things men have done. This means that men have been responsible for getting food since prehistoric times.

Even though we get most of our food from the store now, man has always been a hunter.

Golf is called “the sport of the rich” and is played less often in Romania.

Elegant and refined, it is a noble sport that helps you most by teaching you to be patient and to negotiate. Even though it can be frustrating when you put the ball where it shouldn’t be, it’s a great way to build character.


You want to run away from Forrest Gump when you’re sick of everything. Running is one of the most popular ways to get exercise because it helps you relax and lose weight.

Even though it is a sport for both men and women, most men play it.

Fun things for kids and teens to do
For kids and teens to grow up in a healthy way, they need things to do with their free time. Teenagers need things to do to burn off energy and improve their social skills.

In this age of technology, both young children (6–12 years old) and teenagers turn to tablets or smartphones for comfort. Because of this, it is very important for parents to find hobbies for teenagers that are both productive and relaxing, preferably ones that they can do outside.

So, here are some activities you can give your child:

Workshops for ideas

In both childhood and adolescence, creativity is one of the most valued traits, and creative hobbies help them develop their creativity even more, taking it to a new level.

So, if your child is interested in art and culture, you could take him to a workshop where he can make things.

There are places that combine different arts now, so if you aren’t sure whether to give it to painting, piano, or acting, let him experience the syncretism of the arts.


No matter what kind of sport it is, all of them help the body and mind grow in a balanced way.

So, in many countries, like the United States, students have to pick a required sport at school. On the other hand, many children in Romania don’t have to go to sports classes and don’t do any kind of physical activity on their own time.

Try to find a sport that your child likes, even if he isn’t the most active. He will thank you for sure in the future. Team sports, like volleyball, handball, and basketball, are especially good for kids. If you have a social child or one who is more shy, these are the best choices.

Individual sports like ballet, gymnastics, or acrobatics, on the other hand, are great hobbies for teens and kids who are flexible and like to be disciplined.

Foreign languages

What could be more useful and enjoyable than learning a new language? Even more so when they are young and soak up everything like a sponge. Also, many kids want to learn certain languages more than others, which can make it an interesting hobby, like learning Chinese.

Language centers not only teach people how to speak a language, but they also have cultural and artistic activities for people of all ages.

So your child can watch foreign-language movies, read fiction, or take part in a group discussion to improve his or her communication skills.

Fun things you can do to make money
Well, we’ve finally reached the most interesting part, where we talk about hobbies that can make you money!

So how do you turn your hobbies into money?

Twenty years ago, to make sure you had a job in the future, you had to do “the right thing” and go to a “serious” college. Today, people want to do

Money-Making Apps in 2022

Apps offer a lot of ways to make money quickly and easily for people who want to try them out. You can use your phone to take surveys, get a side job, sell your old stuff, and do other things.

Here’s the scoop on seven free apps that can help you make money. NerdWallet looked at apps on both Google Play and the iOS App Store that had at least four stars and 21,000 reviews.

Money making apps 2022
Money making apps 2022

The best apps for making money

1. Ibotta

What happens: Ibotta lets you get cash back on purchases made in stores or online at more than 2,000 stores. It used to only sell groceries, but now it also sells clothes, things to do and eat out, pet supplies, and other things. Offers can be specific to a product or a store, and some will be applied automatically. For others, you’ll need to do something extra, like watch a video or fill out a poll.

There are three ways to get cash back in stores: add offers and submit your receipt in the app after shopping, link your loyalty accounts with retailers, or buy a gift card from a retailer through the Ibotta app. You can use the app or the Ibotta browser extension on your computer to shop online.

You can pay using PayPal, a digital gift card, or straight from your bank account.

Pros: You get cash back quickly on purchases made in stores, usually within 24 hours. Ibotta also has a variety of payment options and a bonus for new users when they sign up.

Cons: It can take a long time to make money. To cash out, you must have at least $20 in cash back. Some gift cards require at least $25 in cash back. When you shop online, different stores have different waiting periods before you can get cash back.


2. Rakuten

Rakuten, which used to be called Ebates, gives shoppers up to 40% cash back when they buy from well-known stores, restaurants, and food delivery services. Users can also get cash back on gift cards, travel, and other things. It’s easy to understand: Create an account, tap on the store you want to shop at in the app, and then complete the transaction through the portal. You can also link a credit or debit card to your Rakuten account to get cash back in stores, as long as you activate the deal through the app first. After Rakuten confirms the purchase with the store, which can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, the cash back is added to your account.

You can pay by PayPal or check.

Pros: You can get cash back from thousands of stores and purchases, so you’ll probably find deals where you already shop. After making their first purchase, new users can get a $10 welcome bonus. You can also get bonuses for signing up and referring others.

Cons: You have to spend money to make money with most cash-back services. You won’t see your earnings right away either. Rakuten sends out payments every three months, and you need at least $5 in cash-back to get paid.


3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an app that lets you earn cash back and points. Through Swagbucks, you can shop, take polls, watch videos, play games, and do other things to earn points called “SB.” You can use those points to buy gift cards or get cash back into your PayPal account. The number of points given depends on the task. For instance, most surveys are worth between 40 and 200 SB points each. Depending on which payout option you choose, you need at least a certain amount of SB to redeem, but some gift cards can be bought for as little as 110 SB.

Use a gift card or PayPal to pay.

Pros: There are many easy ways to earn rewards on Swagbucks, and you don’t have to wait to cash out. Most payments arrive within 10 business days after they have been redeemed. When you sign up, you can also get a $10 bonus if you spend $25.

Cons: It doesn’t pay much; one SB is worth about a penny. Since many jobs only pay a few cents, it can take a lot of time and work to make a lot of money. You also won’t be able to do every survey or task. Users say that they are often cut off in the middle of surveys. Swagbucks says this could be because of who is answering or because they are not being honest or consistent.


4. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelancing marketplace with gigs in more than 200 categories, like programming, video, and animation. First, make an account. Then, set your profile as a “seller” to show off your skills. Post your gig, which will include the price and a description of what you can do. Buyers, who are clients, can click on the link and place orders. You’ll get paid once you complete the job. Fiverr gives sellers different levels based on how well they do. As you move up each tier, you’ll be able to sell more “extras,” like a faster delivery time.

Payments can be made through PayPal, straight to a bank account, or a Fiverr Revenue Card (a prepaid card). Depending on which option you choose, there are different minimum withdrawal amounts and you may have to pay a withdrawal fee.

Buyers come to you, so you don’t have to worry about finding them. Also, you can get tips.

Cons: Fiverr takes 20% of your earnings, including tips, for every gig you do, and you have to wait 14 days to get your money after completing an order (top-tier sellers wait seven days for funds to clear).


5. Upwork

How it works: Upwork connects freelancers to jobs on the marketplace in writing, design, marketing, and other fields. You’ll start by making a profile. It should have information like the field you want to work in, your qualifications, your availability, and the rate you want to be paid. Then you can make suggestions. Clients will look at them and give you work if they like what they see.

Every month, you start with a certain number of “Connects,” which are like credits that let you get in touch with potential clients. You can earn or pay a small amount for more Connects, but clients who contact you won’t cost you anything. You can be paid by the hour or by the project.

Payment can be made directly to U.S. Bank, directly to your bank account, through a wire transfer, Instant Pay, PayPal, or Payoneer. Some ways to pay have fees, so be sure to check Upwork for more information.

Pros: Upwork makes it easier to find clients, start working with them, and get paid. The service also lets you choose your own rate and schedule.

Cons: The app is free to download, but it costs money to get in touch with a lot of clients. A service fee is also charged to users. Upwork keeps between 5% and 20% of your earnings, depending on how much you charged a client. More of what you earn is yours to keep. You won’t get paid, though, until 10 days after the end of the billing period. Also, keep in mind that you are competing with other freelancers on the platform. That means that customers may choose those with lower prices.

Earning online without investment – 19 ways for 2022

People are becoming more and more aware that money has moved online. So, if you want to know how to make money online from home, you’ll be happy to know that it’s never been easier. It’s enough if you can spend a few hours a day on your activity. But you need to know that things don’t change overnight. You have to work hard on your project if you want to see results. Any business, whether it’s in person or online, doesn’t start making money until it’s up and running. So be patient and let’s look at how to make money online:

1. Make a name for yourself

If you want to make a lot of money online, you should know that you can be the subject of monetization. This can be good or bad, depending on how outgoing you are. Be an influencer and you’ll see how easy and little work it is to make money on the internet, even for kids who haven’t yet reached the age of majority.

Earning online without investment
Earning online without investment in 2022

All you have to do is be as visible as possible online, like on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. You have to be in places where people like to hang out. The more people you help, the more money you make.


2. Start a channel on YouTube

Today, more and more people win on YouTube. The good news is that you don’t even have to spend a lot of money to do well. This channel is very popular with kids and teenagers. If you can make things for them, you can make money quickly.


Most people watch gaming channels on YouTube. If you don’t like to play games, you might like slime or ASMR. On, you can find out for sure which paid domains are the best.


Read this article to learn more about how to make money on YouTube.

Earning online without investment

3. Dropshipping

Even though dropshipping isn’t well known, at least as a term, it is a great way to make quick money online without much work. Google Trends says that this business is getting more and more popular every day.


What is dropshipping, though?


Dropshipping is a way to do business where you promote a product and “clap” with the customer, but you don’t have to worry about making stocks or even delivering the product. The supplier is the one who stores the product, packs it, and sends it to you. As external platforms, you can use Amazon, eBay, Wish, and AliExpress. You can also use olx, lajumate, and other internal platforms. Again, Oberlo is a good choice.


Dropshipping works best when you advertise on Facebook or use influencers. On social media, the second group can send direct messages to people who might become customers.


4. Marketing with affiliates

Find out that affiliate marketing is very similar to dropshipping if we keep talking about it. The difference is that you add (or don’t add) an affiliate link to a customer’s product in a natural way on your blog or on any social media site you use often. There are a lot of platforms that can help you with this, like profitshare and 2performant. There, you’ll also find out how to make money online by advertising other people’s products.


Your chances of winning go up the more you participate and the bigger and more active your community is.


5. Take a course online
If you know a lot about a subject and want to help people, you should take a course that you can sell online. It’s much easier for your clients to learn on their own time and in their own space. Because of the Internet, we can move around a lot!

Don’t feel like you have to invest in a certain platform. You can easily use sites that host such courses and are willing to give you a good share of the money they make.

Your only goal is to give the student the best information you can.

If you want to learn more about how to take an online course, you can look at our experiential courses page.

6. Make a blog!
If you have a blog, you already have a lot of ways to make money, like becoming a personal brand or using affiliate marketing.

Of course, you can’t expect to see results right away. And if you have a blog, you need to give it some thought before choosing your niche. Also, you need a community, which means you need to know how to do good online marketing.

The most common ways bloggers make money online are:

Marketing with affiliates
Contests for bloggers
Freelancing in a niche through blogging
Selling e-books
Online courses for sale
Activities including coaching and consulting
Plans with fees for joining
Advertised reviews
7. Freelancing
You can offer “microjobs” online if you know how to do something that would help other people. In reality, what you do when you freelance is sell your services directly to the person or company who wants them. Content/copywriting, interior design, online graphics, coding, material editing, and so on, are some of the most popular jobs.

There are many sites for all types of freelancing. For example, you can use sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork to make money by writing or making graphics for the web.

If you want to be a freelancer and make money online, you should start by building a strong portfolio. This can sometimes mean giving good companies free services.

Once you have this portfolio, you can start reaching out to older clients to make more money.

8. Translations online
To do this, you don’t have to be a certified translator. But you will need to know at least an advanced level of an advanced language. If it is also less well known, that makes it even better. Some examples of languages that can bring in a lot of money are Mandarin, Japanese, and Swedish.

You can’t do this job with tools like Google Translate, or you’ll lose customers quickly. You can improve your knowledge, though, by using applications.

9. Sell items online
If you need money quickly, you can do a good job by getting rid of some things around the house. You wouldn’t believe how many people might need your things.

You can use well-known sites like olx or lajumate, or you can use the tools that Facebook gives you (marketplace).

Also, Facebook sales groups are growing in popularity. Just make sure that you take some good photos and don’t post anything bad or give a false description.

10. Sell photos or videos online
Everyone has a good-quality camera (at least on the phone). Having a DSLR camera makes this business idea even better, of course.

But you don’t need a lot to make money with photos and videos online. You mostly need to like taking pictures of different things and know a little bit about editing. Then you can put them on platforms like iStockPhoto.

The better the photos, the more interesting they are.

11. Put together an application
If you aren’t an IT expert, you might feel like you need to skip over this point. No problems! Find out that there are now a lot of independent platforms that teach you step by step how to make an app without the need to know how to code.

If you want to make money with your app, you should put it on the App Store and Google Play. You can start with a free app until you learn more about how to build it. Then, once you know how many people it brings in, you can add some paid features.

12. Trade online
Online investing is becoming more and more popular. If you think you have a good sense of what’s going on and like to keep up with trends and numbers, this may be the best choice for you.

But if you want fast results and are impulsive, you might want to focus on something else. If you throw your head forward without keeping enough records, you might get hurt.


The easiest way to succeed would be to put money into yourself and be a leader. There are ways to deal with being shy, which is good news.

To that end, I invite you to leave a comment below with your best idea for making money online.

How to make money in journalism

How to make money in journalism: Journalism is the production and transmission of information that enlightens society. Job (professional or not), information gathering methods, and literary genres. There is also newsreel and print media.

When I started at the London College of Printing in 1983, I never thought I’d be a freelance writer making six figures.

My upbringing was unlike The Brady Bunch as The Exorcist was to Bambi.

That I had substantial hearing loss.

So says my new book, The Bounty Writer: How to Earn Six Figures as an Independent Freelance Journalist.

I am a dysfunctional product that has been self-analyzed and conquered.

With pharmacological crutches, I had to be brutal to survive and succeed.

Walking distance to West Wales’ most beautiful beach and the Coastal Path. 57.


How to make money in journalism details

How to make money in journalism details

 Brief details about do journalists make good money:

how much do journalists make a month: I prefer writing for pleasure rather than profit. If I am not stupid, my professional investments should enable me to retire comfortably.

Then I resigned from my work in October 1990. I worked insane hours. Disc herniation in my neck compressed nerve roots, creating agonizing pain.

What if I didn’t slow down in my 50s? I’d never leave north London for the rural, less stressful existence I desired.

I recently spoke with another freelance writer who disputed making six figures.

Yes. Why not? Of course, it’s not that easy. Poverty fears and a desire to leave my first 25 years of mental torment to drive me. I am tenacious and able to work longer hours than others.

I had a plan, an idea, and a strong dislike of No.

Illustrious talent was necessary. Except 2013, when I lost my greatest client, EGi, and my life nearly came apart, I have plenty.

     You can read more about journalism on specified pages.

How to make money in journalism insights

how much do journalists make uk  insights

Tricks about how to make money in journalism

Tricks about How to make money in journalism

 How to make money in journalism  step by step:

Many avenues exist to profit from the national news. Top journalism money-making tips:
Let’s hear it!

Describe your most memorable, terrible, or bizarre experiences. You may help others while earning money. Consider any story (provided it is true). Could you send us your story using the form below?
Upload your phone footage!

We’ll pay you to utilize your news or dramatic video. The SellUsYourStory CMS tracks content use. It will also track your earnings. Submit your films directly to our dedicated video website (no commitment, nothing released without your consent) or fill out the form on this page.
3. For sale photos

We want to see your photos, whether newsworthy or just stunning. The national press publishes a variety. See our Press Photo of the Year competition for ideas. Use the form on this page or upload your photos straight to our dedicated images website (no obligation, nothing published without your permission):
Be a Case Study

This list will be updated monthly. Election or relationship advice. Then we’ll pay to hear your comments. Sign up for story ideas:
5. Refer a friend

Today’s articles are from daily newspapers and magazines. Our volunteer army is constantly looking for great tales. Get £50 if you tell us someone else’s story (if we can use it). It helps if they know you referred them! You may suggest a buddy for £50 by using the website’s Story Valuation form.


How to make money in journalism

How to make money in journalism

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make money in journalism?

what qualifies someone as a journalist: How to Find Case Studies

You may sell articles and case studies to newspapers to generate money. Finding case studies for big newspapers, magazines, and TV shows may be profitable for journalists. Request case studies and stories from leading national publishers at
Get paid immediately for your story, photo, or video.

Journalism pays well. To get a story, video, or image appraised right now, fill out the Story Valuation form on this page or email us. Il n’y The material is for evaluation. Never post without permission. It’s free.

How to make money in journalism essential info

How to make money in journalism essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

how do online journalists make money: Making money online is easy with Countingup. It simplifies accounting for self-employed Brits.

Automatic expenditure categorization, receipt capture, and cash flow analysis.


Detailed video explaining the ‘journalism’ method: